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Things to Consider When Booking a Massage. #guestpost

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Whether you are looking for pain relief, an improvement in your athletic performance, or just an hour of relaxation and stress relief, a massage is always a beneficial activity for your general well being. Before choosing a specific massage parlor to fulfill your massage experience, it is worth doing some preliminary research. As is the case with many local businesses, there are an overwhelming number of options.

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage: Swedish Massage is the most common type of massage offered, and can offer many health benefits (in addition to being supremely relaxing). A typical Swedish Massage will involve circular strokes and kneading of varying pressure from your massage therapist in an attempt to de-knot muscles in your back, neck, legs, and arms. You can also expect to be slathered with massage oil, which will work to warm and break down tension in your muscle fibers. After a Swedish massage session expect to benefit from improved circulation, an improved immune system, and relief from pain if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from chronic aches.

Trigger Point Therapy: Speaking of aches and pains, if you have one particularly sensitive area that seems to be causing you discomfort, you might want to consider Trigger Point Therapy. Trigger Point Therapy is a type of massage used to target specific areas of discomfort, usually through isolated pressure and release. Getting rid of painful trigger points is important, as they can often cause pain in other parts of your body too (this is known as “referral pain”). Although this type of massage therapy is not meant to be relaxing, it may be necessary to improving your level of comfort.

Hot Stone Massage: If you’re relaxation is your primary objective in getting a massage, or you have a few knots but would prefer lighter pressure, you might want to consider getting a hot stone massage. In a hot stone massage, your massage therapist will place smooth basalt stones on your back. Basalt stones are used because their iron-rich makeup allows them to retain heat better than ordinary rocks. As the heat from the stones works to relax your muscles and improve your circulation, your masseuse will apply gentle pressure and replace stones that have gone cold.

Thai Massage: A Thai Massage is perfect if you are looking for a way to improve your flexibility, and want to try something that is a little more active than a traditional massage. In a Thai Massage, you can expect to be placed in a number of stretching positions and poses, much like yoga (albeit with someone else doing most of the work for you).

Types of Massage Businesses

Once you have narrowed down your search to only include massage parlors that offer your desired treatment, your next task is to determine which type of experience you are looking for. If you are looking for a no-frills experience with a lot for bang for your buck, you might want to consider looking for an Asian-style massage center. If you are looking for a little more pampering but still wanting to keep down your price point, you might consider one of many massage chains, such as Massage Envy or Elements Therapeutic Massage. One benefit to receiving your treatment at a franchised location is that generally speaking you know what to expect going in, and this may serve to make you more comfortable if it is your first time getting a massage at this particular location. Of course, if you are looking to really treat yourself (and aren’t scared to shell out some serious cash), you could look into getting a massage at a luxury spa. Luxury spas typically offer a number of services in addition to massages, and often offer packages that include aromatherapy and facial treatments as add-ons.

Regardless of which style of massage and which type of parlor you opt for, the most critical aspect of your massage experience is that you feel comfortable and have a sense that your surroundings are cleanly at all times. Enjoy!

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