Things to Consider While Buying Foosball Tables

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Foosball tables are an incredible addition to a game room. This famous game creates fun and competition. Due to this feature, it is suitable for the entire family. Two or four people can play this game.  On the market, there are several types of foosball tables. You need to know which type of the table is suitable for you. Decide which type of foosball table can complete your requirement. You can select the Tornado foosball table as per playing level such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Types of the Foosball Tables

  1. Stand-Alone Tables
  2. Tabletop Foosball Tables
  3. Multi-Game Foosball Tables

Things to Consider Before Buying Foosball Tables

One of the important things you need to consider for buying a foosball table is who you are purchasing it for. These tables are designed for the advanced player, children, adults, and professionals. Some other things are given below.

Foosball Players

Some tables are available in the market with the men who have counterweights. It means these men will stay horizontal. This is the sign that these were out of the way when you would shoot. You need to keep this feature in mind if you are a skilled or intermediate player. These men are made of plastic or metal. Metal is a heavy material that means you need more power to shoot them.

Adjustable legs of the table and room size

Standard height is 36 inches for the foosball table. This is a great height for adults and teens. Some tables have a length of the few inches. The prime objective is to even out these tables on the floor if you floor is not even. You can buy a high-quality table that contains levelers. A full-size table is about 36 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 56 inches long. You need to keep this table in the room that is wide enough to provide you 3 to 4 feet of playing space around the table.


You need a hard, smooth surface. It provides fast gameplay. If you are going to buy a European table, then keep it in the mind that it is good for the slow player. On the other hand, the American table has a hard surface for quick players. No doubt, the hard surface is sturdy. You can get the table that contains high-quality with the glass tempered surface. These are lightweight and are very easy to handle.

Steel Rods

These are 3 kinds of the rods that you need to keep in mind when buying a foosball table. These are solid, hollow and telescope. Hollow is the high-quality rods. These are lightweight and keep you fast on the game table. For the advanced players, the hollow rods are ideal. The solid steel rods are good for the mid-level players. The telescope steel rods are great because these are formed with the two pieces of metal.

Price is the most important factor. Check the features of the product because the price is always according to the quality and traits.







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