The Truth About Gummy Vitamins

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There are almost endless beliefs and questions regarding gummy vitamins, or even multivitamin supplements in general. Vitamin supplements in gummy form are often subject to doubts as they look like candies for kids. Kids are taught that overeating candy is terrible for teeth health at a very young age.

So if a candy-looking item presents itself as a nutritious vitamin, it is common for people not to believe it instantly. Contrary to this reaction, there are gummy vitamins that are nutritious. Of course, you still need to be very careful when purchasing these vitamins.

Do You Need Vitamins?

Many studies have been conducted on vitamins and health, but very few proved that there are concrete health benefits to taking vitamin supplements. However, this research is still a start for discovering more about vitamins and supplements and how they affect the human body.

The Physicians Health Study II is the first and only large-scale randomized clinical trial to test a commonly taken multivitamin. The research showed that multivitamins have a slight effect on protecting men from cancer and lower risks for developing cataracts. Despite the minimal benefit proven, it shows that vitamins can still positively affect the human body. Harvard Health emphasized the significant role of daily supplements, especially for high-risk groups like those with vitamin deficiencies or illnesses caused by or resulted in the lack of specific vitamins.

However, overconsumption of vitamins will not magically boost your health. It can even be harmful. So, before taking any supplements, it is best to know your body’s needs or consult a doctor for a prescription.

Are they Healthy?

Vitamins come in different formulations and brands. There are syrups (primarily for kids), capsules, tablets, and many others. Along with those, there are plenty of multivitamin brands offering gummies out there on the market. However, they are not all as healthy as they claim.

Some gummy vitamins are formulated with flavoring, sweeteners, alcohols, and food coloring. These ingredients do not make any supplement healthier for you, so they are something to look out for. Before purchasing any vitamin supplements, check the brand and the ingredients it contains. Look for clean and safe ingredients as well as good nutrient levels.

There are adequate vitamins that can help your body, and gummy vitamins are no exception. When you find the right brand, they are just as effective as other vitamin options. So, are gummy vitamins bad for you? 

Their efficacy and benefits vary. Vitamins in gummy form can be adequate as long as they are made from fresh, whole ingredients. They’re a good option for those who do not like swallowing pills. However, sugar, alcohol, and other additives can add up if you’re not careful.

What Are They Made From?

Gummies are often made with gelatin, which is usually derived from animal collagen. They may also contain sugars. Though one gummy may not contain enough sugar to harm your health, long-term sugar intake can increase the risk of various health problems. Vitamins in gummy form may not all be for those with specific diets like people who maintain low-carb intake, vegans, and even those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

However, there are vegan and sugar-free gummy vitamins. Most of them are made with natural ingredients and utilize plant-based alternatives to gelatin, like Agar Agar, derived from seaweed. Just pay close attention to the ingredients based on your dietary restrictions.

Are They Good for Kids?

Kids love gummies, and vitamins made into gummy bites are designed to make it easier for them to take vitamins. However, in gummy form or not, excessive intake of vitamins can cause more harm than good. Gummy vitamins, despite their look, should still be treated medicinally and should only be given to children with supervision. Do not place them where children can easily reach since they may confuse them with candy.

Vitamins can help develop a better immune system and improve health when paired with a nutritious diet and healthy habits. It will be easier for children to chew on some gummy vitamins, but be sure to choose the vitamin gummies with the proper nutritional content. Parents should take precautions and supervise their children’s diet and vitamin intake to keep them in optimum health. 

Are They Regulated?

The FDA is not required to regulate gummy vitamins or review supplements for effectiveness. They only record and monitor new ingredients introduced by manufacturers, and they ensure that the products comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and labeling regulations. This fact is partly the reason why vitamin brands flood the market. 

  With this, consumers have to put in the effort to find reliable manufacturers and retailers they can trust. After all, we are talking about vitamin supplements, and they should benefit your health. Looking for safe vitamin supplements can be tricky, especially for those in gummy forms, because it can be easy to find them cute and not read the fine print. 

However, this can put your health at more risk. The FDA shared a guide on how you can shop for safe supplements. If you or your family encounter any reactions and side effects upon taking any supplements, it is advisable to notify the FDA.   

Do You Need Vitamin Gummies?

Vitamin supplements can be beneficial to your health, and gummy vitamins made with the right ingredients can serve the same purpose. Before buying anything, be vigilant and do your research. Many brands present superficial claims and do not disclose complete ingredient lists, so watch out for that.

Gummy vitamins can be a good option for making taking vitamins a bit more fun. Just be sure to look for a manufacturer that you can trust. Also, seek doctors’ advice for guidance to provide you and your family the best health advice. 



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