The Return of True Entertainment

The lockdown has made everything that was normal become unusual. Before the lockdown, you could go where you want and when you want as long as the place was open. Going back to normal was not official until theaters opened. 

A Theater’s Beginning

Theaters have been around since 1905 and people loved them then as they do now. Not being able to attend them for a time made us miss our movie-going days. Going to the movies has become a tradition for people for different events like family nights or dates. 

Yes, movies will provide a place for different events, but it provides the same service for both because it will allow them to view a film that nobody has seen or only a few people have viewed. The return of movie theaters will be something to look forward to. 

A “Home Away From Home” Feel

Movie theaters bring a “home away from home” feel. It allows you to have a bigger living room for one and a half to three hours long. The only thing about this living room is that you would have to share it with thirty to fifty people all eating popcorn. 

Theaters create a family-friendly environment that allows people to relax and enjoy themselves and their loved ones. Personally, I cannot wait to attend the movie theaters I am attending with my family to keep the family tradition that we started in 2016. Some relatives and I promised each other that we would watch all Suicide Squad movies if they continue to make them. In 2016, we went to the theater late at night to catch a great movie. The actors and actresses did a great job and made the movie interesting. 

We See Our Favorite Actors—and Find New Ones

My favorite actor was in there also—Will Smith. He is such a great actor and always brings high-level acting to any film that he is in. I also became a Margot Robbie fan. She is an amazing actress and she played the Harley Quinn character like she actually was her in real life. It looked so real for me and that is why Margot Robbie has gained a fan. 

Movie Reviews

Before going to the movies, I love checking reviews about them because, personally, I like to get spoiler alters and a guide to show me how these events transpired. While Googling previews, I fall on a site that has the name, origin, powers, and abilities of all the characters.  Click on the link to view the amazing write-up that this company has created. It was made on August 4, 2021. 

Always a Fun Experience

This article has made me excited and I sure cannot wait until I see this movie. When I go see the movie, I can already imagine how my experience will be. Before even going into the lobby, I will smell butter, cheese, cinnamon and I will hear the smoothie machine from outside. 

Once I enter, video games will be heard because all the kids who have been waiting for months to go to the arcade finally get a chance at Pacman and all the other arcade games. 

Good For Mental Health?

Movie theaters bring a lot to the table a great new movie is truly just the icing on the cake. Believe it or not, going to the movies help you be healthier mentally. According to, watching movies is an activity that will help you reduce stress and tension. Watching a movie with friends and family is what they recommend because building a healthy relationship with them is an important thing. 

A healthy relationship with your family members and friends is extremely important because when you are in trouble they will be the first people you call. In addition, they usually look to you for help and support. Watching a movie together allows you to get away from things and enter realms that can ease your mind from things that are occurring in the real world. 

Another supporting site named also agrees that movies are a good thing where mental health is concerned.  Movies play a big role in our lives. They help us to relax, escape to another place, and enjoy each other’s company. Movie theaters opening up will create a safe place for all looking for a good time.

The Return of True Entertainment
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