The Quick & Easy Moving Out Guide

Moving out of your old place is an exciting milestone in life. It can be tiring and overwhelming at the same time. Moving to a new home also means that there are a few things that you should take into consideration such as budget, location and insurance. These are only a few, and there’s more in the list.

Moving from your old home and moving into a new place is not easy.  A quick and easy moving out guide can help you with the process. It allows you to become more organized, efficient and minimize stress levels.

However, you should know that moving out does not have to be complicated. Maidforyou is here to show the quick and easy moving out guide.

What to Prepare

Plan ahead of time. Start crafting a checklist about the things that you need to do, check or prepare before the moving out day. The list will serve as your planner and will continuously remind you of what else you need to check.

Here are the top things that you should prepare before moving out:

  • Moving boxes and packing supplies
  • Documents
  • Inventory list

Decide which type of moving boxes to use. Cardboard boxes, plastic moving bins and recycled boxes are a few choices. It would help if you also chose the right packing supplies to ensure that you put your stuff safely inside the boxes.

Prepare all of the documents needed, such as rental agreement and ID cards. Getting all the materials done beforehand can lessen your moving out burden. It will also help if you create an inventory list for all of your packing.

How to Pack Like a Pro

Pack your things properly. Ensure that all boxes are labelled correctly. You do not want to mix the kitchen and toiletries in one box!

Packing like a pro means learning to pack appropriately and prioritizing what you should put in a box. Segregate what you need the most and maybe donate the ones that you do not use to your favorite charity. It can lessen the stuff that you need to take to the new place.

You need to pack some items carefully to avoid damage. Wrap the delicate items before putting it in the moving box. Label the box “fragile” to make sure it is appropriately handled.

Learn how to pack in order. Do your packing in stages. The last thing that you should pack is the essentials that you will be using on your first day at the new place.

When Moving

Find a moving company that can help you move out. It is more convenient and less hassle, especially if you have so many boxes to carry. They can provide a moving truck to accommodate all of your belongings.

DIY move out is another option that you should consider if you only have a few boxes to carry. You can talk to a family member or friend to assist you in moving the boxes or setting up your new home. Note that DIY is a cheaper option, but in some cases, there is still a need for professional help in moving out.

Choosing the right vehicle when moving out is also essential. It would help if you had a proper moving truck to ensure that your stuff is adequately accommodated and well laid out in the vehicle. I recommend getting a decent moving truck for big furniture such as dining tables, sofa sets and beds.

Prepare your finances  

Prepare for the move-out and move in. Plan your finances carefully to ensure that you will be in good shape after moving to the new place. Make sure that there is enough money saved in the bank for a few months of rent.

Budgeting is not easy, especially for young adults. However, you’ve got to learn basic adulting. Live within your means and do not overspend!

After living within your means and maintaining sound finances, you may consider applying for credit. It can help you get through for a few months. It can also allow you to acquire a credit line which can be useful in the future.


Moving out could be easy if you are prepared and organized. Learn to plan ahead of time to avoid mistakes and to take away the pressure throughout the moving process. Preparing means making sure that your finances are in good shape, packing your belongings correctly, using the right packing supplies and getting help from the people around you.

Consider your cash flow before moving out. Learn the principle of budgeting.

Organize your belongings properly and learn to pack them in order. It can help take away the burden of moving to a new home.

Lastly, ask for help. If you can’t do it alone, call a friend, family member or a moving company!

For quick moving out assistance, or a thorough move out guide, check out Maidforyou’s moving house cleaning guide.





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