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The Pros and Cons of Using a TENs Machine During Labour.

A TENs machine is something many women choose use during labour as it can provide immense pain relief the natural way. Natural methods of pain relief can help to reduce side effects and anything else that could cause a complication with your baby, so for people that want to avoid drugs and similar ‘un-natural’ pain relief, a TENs machine is perfect. Of course there are some cons that come with using a TENs machine, so we’re going to weigh them up with you now to help you decide if using one of these machines is right for you.

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Pros of Using a TENs Machine

  • Using a TENs machine is a non invasive form of pain relief during labour. Simply place the pads where you need them and away you go!

  • You can use one of these machines comfortably at home, during the stages of early labour.

  • The machine won’t cause any adverse affects to you or your baby.

  • You won’t have restricted movement, unlike some methods of pain relief, e.g an epidural where you lose function of your bottom half.

  • You will be the one in control of the machine, so you can control the strength and use it when you need it, not the nurses or anybody else.

  • You might not need medical pain relief when using one of these machines.

  • Many women love TENs machines and swear by them during childbirth.

Cons of Using a TENs Machine

  • If you want to get in the bath or shower to relieve yourself of pain, you will have to remove the TENs unit pads and replace them when you get out. This can be stressful and tiresome in a crucial time.

  • It is recommended you begin to use it as early in labour as possible to get the best effect from the machine.

  • Unfortunately there are some conflicting studies about TENs machines – some claiming that they don’t do anything at all and that the effect is simply placebo.

  • The machine works when used earliest on in a contraction, so this means that you have to concentrate on your contractions a little more rather than distract yourself and find something else to do.

  • Some women say that they don’t like the sensation that a TENs machine gives them – you should try it out before labour if possible to get a feel for the sensations it will give you.

  • To purchase your own TENs machine, you could pay hundreds of pounds. There are some cheaper models online, but the higher the quality the better the machine will likely work. Consider hiring a machine if you don’t want to buy your own.

  • A TENs machine should be used with other methods to get the best results, like relaxation and meditation, so you’ll need plenty of self control.

TENs machines can be a godsend for some women during labour, but you won’t know for sure until you’re actual in the throes of it. If you intend on using a TENs machine, we recommend you do so alongside methods such as meditation, relaxation, and hypnobirthing. Bear in mind that most pregnancy plans don’t go to plan at all, and try to allow yourself to be flexible!


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