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The Men’s Guide to Finding a Perfect Wallet

All men carry a wallet. After all, it’s essential that it serves as something both functional and aesthetic, as it doesn’t just carry around your cash or cards, it also lets people around you deduce your sense of style and personality. This makes it vital to men’s fashion overall, and not something you can just grab at the local shops. 

Keeping this in mind, when it’s time to make the investment into a quality men’s luxury wallet, you want to know what the options are on the market, so you can make an educated decision. 

What Are The Common Wallet Types? 

In the luxury world there are many different style options to choose from, and they are the following: 

Bi-fold: These wallets fold in half and have slots for cards, sections for cash, and space for coins. While remaining minimal and slim.

Tri-fold: These wallets fold into three sections and often use this space for further card and cash space. 

Cardholders: These are minimal wallets that hold just cards for the modern man. 

Money Clips: These are small wallets that hold cash and a few cards. 

Beyond these general types, there are also wallets made for travel such as passport wallets and travel wallets, and suit wallets to wear with your business wear. 

Consider These Important Factors

Functionality: Remember that the wallet is a functional item and choose one that has enough space for your unique needs.

Material: The best choice will always be top-grain leather for durability. 

Style: The wallet should reflect your personal style and suit your taste. 

Price: A luxury wallet is an affordable option in the luxury world, and price points will vary between brands. 

Remember To Keep This In Mind

Consider the Pros & Cons of Each Wallet Type

Each wallet style has its own benefits and setbacks. For example, a cardholder doesn’t have space for cash, a trifold is often bulky, and bi-folds have become an all-rounder over time. By looking into each type of wallet, you can make a choice with more information. 

Think of Your Personal Needs

As wallets are a functional object, think about what you carry in your current wallet, and what you’d like to carry in the future. Do you need something minimal? Or do you need something larger? 

Avoid The Back Pocket

Many men opt to carry their wallets in their back pockets. This isn’t a great option as it can cause discomfort when sitting and walking and lead to back pain. It can also damage the wallet over time. 

Instead, consider changing to your front pocket. This can be more comfortable, and more secure and if your wallet is slim, it won’t get in your way. Then again, you can always start using a men’s bag, and you no longer have to stuff your wallet in your pockets, and it will hold its shape for longer. 

Your Wallet Says Something

A man’s wallet says a lot about him. It tells the onlooker if the man is one of style or one of pure functionality, it tells those around you what caliber of man you are, especially if you carry a small luxury wallet. So, consider what your wallet is saying and if it aligns with who you want to present to the world. 

Choose The Right Brand

The better the brand, the better the wallet will be. So make sure you look into brands and choose someone trustworthy. For example, Louis Vuitton’s wallets are always stylish, well-made, and unique, while being immediately discernible as luxury. A great choice for the man who wants to be seen and taken seriously.


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