The Importance Of Sharing A Hobby With Your Children.

Every parent wants to identify with their child. They want to have shared interests and likes. It helps you bond with your child. As they grow up, they may start to drift away from you. While that’s natural, it can sometimes be hard to get them back.


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The best way to bring them back is to have a shared interest. The interest needs to be instilled in them while they’re young. Those fond childhood memories and continued passion and enthusiasm will help heal any rifts in the teenage years.

So what kind of hobbies can you start to get them into? Well, a sport is an easy option for most children. When they’re at an age where they’re very hyperactive and full of energy, getting them into sports seems natural. You can even get them into it from as young as four or five, or even while they’re still in diapers.

Of course, some sports are off limits. They may grow into the more physical sports later on, but for now we just want them to have a taste for sports as a whole. Something with no contact and soft balls and bats.

Getting them into watching sports might be a little tricky. They could inherently find the game boring. It’s going to be hit or miss. They may pick up the enthusiasm for it later on. Taking your child to a sports game rather than watching one on television may be a better way to engage them.

Creation is also another way to form a hobby with your child early on. Children love making things. For what they lack in technical skill they make up for in enthusiasm and ambition. You could get a mix of craft materials and just go wild. Let your imaginations take you wherever you want to go.

As they get older, you can try more sophisticated means of creation. Get a cork board, some fairground models, and a few hobbyist materials and you can build yourself a diorama of a circus for example. While you’d be putting in the majority of the work, you can involve your child in some of the smaller parts.

Sharing an interest in types of media can be tricky. People will always be biased to the media of their generation, be it music, or film, or whatever else. This can cause a lot of rifts very easily. It’s much easier for them to get into your media than it is for your to get into theirs though. Don’t try to be the cool parent who is ‘down with the kids’, because you assuredly are not.

Finding common ground doesn’t have to be a hardship. It’s just important to try a lot of things out early on. Not only for your sake, but the child too. Having a broad range of interests makes for a better and wiser person.

You’ll be building bridges for the future. Not only in the tough times that come in any parent-child relationship, but for when your child goes to live a life of their own.


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