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The Driven Domestic: 6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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Owning your own home is the great Australian dream. Many people across the country aspire to the picket fence, backyard cricket, and a place to call home. And owning sure beats renting, even if there is a bit more upkeep and administration to consider. But it is worth considering how to add value to your property. When it comes time to sell to either upsize or downsize or for a sea or tree change, you want to be able to demand more than you paid. Let’s explore how to be a driven domestic queen (or king!) and learn six ways to add more value to your home.


Renovate Your Bathroom

By investing in Bourne bathrooms, you can add some serious value to your house. Older properties often have dilapidated, run-down old bathrooms. While this may suit younger people or those renting if you own a place, you need to take some pride in your bathroom. You’d be amazed at what a new bath, shower, sink, fittings and fixtures can do for your home’s value.

Upgrade the Flooring

Is your older property covered in musty, dull carpet? Do you have chipped and cracked tiles on the floor? Or maybe it’s that dreadful lino straight from the seventies. Either way, it pays to renovate your flooring. You have a few options here. You can replace older carpet with newer carpet which will give your property a facelift. Or you can consider flooring types like hardwood or engineered timber – these will create a warm vibe which is challenging to beat.

Invest in Heating and Cooling

One thing that older Australian homes suffer from is a lack of adequate heating and cooling. If you buy an older house and you get lucky you might have a ceiling fan or two and maybe a gas heater in the living room. Upgrade your heating and cooling systems to either split systems or central. Split systems tend to be cheaper to run but will only heat one room, while central costs more to install and run but will guarantee evenly distributed temperature control.

Give the Garden a Makeover

Is your garden looking a bit worse for wear? By upgrading your outdoor areas, you can add some value to your place. Even by tidying up the garden beds, laying some beautiful turf and keeping it maintained you’ll make your property look more delightful and therefore add value to it. If you’re really serious about increasing the value, you can add an undercover space like a pergola, or build some decking.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

This is a tip to save for just before you want to sell. First impressions count, and buyers look for street value, i.e. how the place looks from the outside. If your house is a weatherboard or has some weatherboard facades, give them a decent sanding back and a fresh lick of paint. Paint the inside while you’re at it too. This will both add value and help you to sell it.

Check for Other Repairs

Get the professionals in to give your home a thorough inspection. Check for faulty wiring, the stumps or foundation and leaks in the roof. Any savvy buyer will commission a property inspection which will pick up these issues. It may cost a bit to repair, but you’ll make that back in the final settlement price.


There are a few ways to increase the value of your real estate. Renovate your bathroom, and upgrade the flooring of your entire home. Invest in some decent heating and cooling systems, and give the outdoor spaces some love. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders, and it is worth having the wiring, roof and foundations inspected in case they need any work.



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  • We have done a lot of work to our house with paint, new floors, screened-in back porch and a new front door. The house looks good and hopefully has added value!


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