The Best Ways To Prepare For Your DMV Written Test.

Some of us are much better at doing practical things than anything in the traditional sphere of education. For example, you might be a totally competent driver, but be somewhat shaky when it comes to the knowledge and skills needed to pass the DMV written test that comes before the practical. If you’ve booked yours and you’re feeling the pressure already, then this post is for you! Here’s some of our best advice on passing your written test.


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Get a Handbook from Your Local DMV

I’m not going to lie to you here; the handbooks on the written test you can pick up from your local DMV are going to be as drab and joyless as the building itself. However, they can also be a very helpful resource in studying for your written test. If you try to read it all in one sitting, then your attention’s going to wane pretty soon. Instead, keep it somewhere in the house where you’ll see it often, and read a little bit at a time. Whenever you come across a point that you’re prone to forget, write it down on a flash card and get it out periodically.

Take Practice Tests

If you become a total expert in the highway code, then you’ll probably be able to pass the written test with flying colors. However, nothing can prepare you better for the written test than a simulation of the real thing. There are many free resources out there where you can read and answer past written test questions, assess your score, and see the questions which you failed on. After a few of these, you’ll start to notice patterns in your performance, and will be able to see the specific areas where you need to brush up on your knowledge. Obviously, there’s no way of seeing the exact test you’re going to take in advance, and there’s likely to be a few questions that strike you as curveballs. However, taking a nationwide permit practice test a few times will be a fantastic way to get you in the right mindset for the real thing.

The Night Before and the Big Day

I’m sure you know that there are times when someone does all the preparation they possibly can for a test, speech, sporting event or anything else, and one little thing throws them off. To avoid this happening, take a break from your study the night before, and do something to totally de-stress.

Get plenty of sleep and make sure you eat a full, satisfying breakfast on the big day. You don’t want drowsiness or a rumbling stomach to be a source of distraction when you need to stay focused! When you’re in the test, try your hardest to dispel any kind of worries, and make sure you’re reading every question thoroughly before choosing an answer. There isn’t much room for error in your written driving test, and misreading one word could mean the difference between passing and failing. If you do fail, think about what went wrong, but don’t beat yourself up!


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