What to do for Teen Vaping as Parents?

Vaping is one of those habits that are hard to resist and extremely difficult to get rid of, especially if you are a teen and your motive behind starting it was not to leave the regular cigarettes. The issue with vaping ejuice like cosmic fog vapors is that it is not being used for the core purpose that it was created for; to quit smoking. Teenagers who are not even exposed to the regular cigarettes are using e-cigarettes just because everyone else is doing so. This can be highly dangerous and so their parents need to be more vigilant about the whole thing. It is a fact that vaping is less harmful than smoking but one cannot ignore that it is still an addiction and that most of them have nicotine in it which is definitely not something you would want your teens to be hung up from such a small age. If you are a concerned parent but don’t know what exactly you can do about teen vaping, continue reading and you will find some really helpful yet simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Get Awareness Yourself

The first and foremost step is to know exactly what vaping is. The issue with vaping is that parents are mostly unaware of the whole process, of the disadvantages of vaping. Just imagine, if you don’t know the harmful outcomes of vaping yourself, can you really make your child believe in it? Also, if you don’t know anything, you wouldn’t even bother to stop your child in the first place which can be extremely harmful for him/her. Hence, it is necessary for you to do your research and know exactly how vaping can be harmful, especially for teenagers.

  1. Talk to Them Beforehand

Even if your child hasn’t started vaping yet, or you think that they won’t catch this habit, it is still vital to tell them all about it. Sit with them and talk to them about it. Ask them what they know about it, how they feel about it. Make them realize that even if everyone is doing it and risking their own lives, your kid doesn’t have to do the same. In fact, he/she should stop their friends as well, because that would be something actually cool to do. The reason behind saying all this is that this generation is not of the type who would leave something just because they were punished or grounded. However, if you become their friend and talk to them in that way, they would probably end up agreeing with you!

  1. Be Focused

Just knowing the disadvantages is not enough. You need to know the companies and also most importantly how an e-cigarette looks like. The reason behind it is that it is not like a regular cigarette which looks same no matter which brand it is. They come in different shapes and sizes and a person who doesn’t know anything about vaping can barely identify it, which is not something you should do as a parent.

Lastly, just make sure that your child is comfortable in sharing things with you and as their mom/dad you can support them in whatever the situation is. Even if it means helping them out in getting rid of this addiction!


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