How to Take the Perfect Selfie

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Selfies have taken the world by storm, especially since the advent of the ‘front-facing camera’. Phones quickly took over from cameras when their own cameras began to improve in quality. Soon enough, mobile phone companies responded to the demand for a camera that shows you the photo as you take it, something normal cameras wouldn’t have been able to achieve.

Thanks to this development, people are now able to create the perfect photo as they have full control over how it comes out, leading to a rise in vanity represented by the rise of the selfie. They now saturate social media, but how can we create the perfect selfie ourselves?


Hold your camera in front of your face and experiment by turning your face slightly from side to side and up and down, you’ll notice that you can change the shape that it appears to be, as well as accentuating certain features. It is different for each person depending on their preferences, but the general go-to pose is to turn your face slightly to one side (whichever is your ‘best side’) and point your chin slightly downwards.

When it comes to full body shots, most people are aiming to create the appearance of a slimmer or taller physique, in order to fit in with today’s ideal body standard. Most tend to angle their body slightly to the side, bend one knee, and hide one arm behind them as this means that less of their body is on show. For a taller appearance, keep your camera low; pointing it up towards you, and try to avoid being snapped next to anyone who is taller than you!


Lighting is key for selfies, especially if you want your skin to look great. Natural light is always the first choice so many people head over to the nearest window to get that perfect snap. The larger the light source the better too. Ideally, you want your light source to be at eye level, otherwise you could risk creating unflattering shadows.

If you’re always on the go it can be difficult to get the perfect lighting for a selfie, so if you can’t bear to go a day without posting one, or if you rely on selfies to promote your brand as most celebrities do, you might want to consider investing in your own portable light source. LED ring lights are the go-to product when it comes to this, and you can find out how to use a ring light for selfies at


There’s no point to perfecting your light and angles if the background of your shot undermines all of your good work. You see so many amusing examples of people online who have forgotten all about their backdrop when taking their photo, sometimes with very embarrassing consequences! If you can, try to put as much effort into the background of your shot as you do the subject. Tidy the room you’re in, angle the camera so that you hide anything unsightly, or even travel to find a picturesque location for the shoot.

When it comes to taking the perfect selfie, you need to discover the angles that showcase your favourite features and hide those you’re less confident about. Light is your friend, and you need to make sure it shines evenly across your face. Don’t forget to make sure your backdrop is perfect too, as this is the easiest way to ruin all of your hard work. Visit www.nighthelper.comfor more beauty tips that could help you create that perfect selfie.


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