SXSW Film Festival: Know the Details here


It is an annual event held each spring in Austin, Texas. Attendees can take advantage of the chance to connect with a wide range of industry experts, making it an unparalleled experience at the frontiers of discovery, creativity, innovation, and entertainment.

This film festival takes place in March each year and is attended by thousands of filmmakers. Creatives of many kinds attend, including directors, writers, producers, actors, and others.
SXSW provides the opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their work to industry professionals and fans alike. Filmmakers dream of having their projects seen by millions of viewers.

In addition to the panels, there are also many opportunities for networking throughout the week. Attendees can take advantage of the chance to connect with a wide range of industry experts.

The SXSW festival is a great place to meet up with your favourite artists and discover new ones. You’ll be able to see some amazing films while meeting interesting people. The event attracts creatives of all stripes. People attend because of the opportunities to meet professionals in the field.

The 2022 Opening Night film will be the world premiere of Everything Everywhere All At once directed by Daniels on March 10 in Austin, TX. The official opening night party will be hosted by the cast of the film.

SXSW Film Submissions:

SXSW Film submissions are accepted from January 1 through April 30 annually. Submission deadlines vary depending on the type of submission. Films must be completed within two years of the date they are submitted.

Films that have been previously screened or distributed must include a DVD copy of the film as well as a press kit. Additionally, films must be no longer than 20 minutes long.
There is no fee to submit. However, if you win awards at SXSW, you may receive additional fees.

Winning Awards at SXSW:

Awards are given out at the end of the festival. There are several different categories to choose from.

  • Best Director Award
  • Best Screenplay Award
  • Best Actor/Actress Award
  • Best Documentary Feature
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Animated Short Film
  • Best Live Action Short Film
  • Best Student Film

SXSW Festival Screening Sections:

SXSW has three sections where screenings occur. Each section has its own schedule.
Official Selection This is the main part of the festival. It includes feature-length and short films. These films are selected based on quality and potential commercial success.

Academy Award Qualifying Shorts:
These are short films that are eligible for Academy Awards consideration. They are not necessarily nominated for Oscars.

Vanguard Section:
This section features emerging voices and innovative works. This section is intended to provide exposure for emerging talent.

Special Events:
This section includes events such as panel discussions, workshops, and other activities.

SXSW Interactive:
SXSW Interactive is a conference held during the same time period as the festival. It’s open to anyone who wants to learn more about how technology affects our lives. Attendees can participate in sessions, network, and explore exhibits.

Episodic Screening sections:
Episodic Premieres presents world premieres of prestige serial slates for release and are accompanied by Show-Runners, Directors, and Cast Members featuring extended Q&A sessions.

How to Get Involved with SXSW?

SXSW offers many ways to get involved. Whether it’s volunteering, attending events, or just being an audience member, there is something for everyone.

SXSW volunteers play a big role in making this event happen. Volunteers help set up the venues, prepare food, work security, and much more. You can volunteer here.

There are numerous events throughout the week of SXSW. Attendees can take advantage of these events to learn new skills, make connections, and enjoy the city.

SXSW hosts over 100 exhibitors. Exhibitors showcase their products and services to attendees. If you want to see what’s available, check out the list of exhibitors here.

Audience Members:
SXSW attracts thousands of people each year. As an attendee, you can meet like-minded individuals, connect with industry professionals, and experience the culture of Austin firsthand.

SXSW Premiere Status and Eligibility

Premiere status is recognized at the SXSW event by the following categories:

World Premiere Films:

Your project has not yet been screened publicly prior to SXSW. You may screen your work to selected audiences at SXSW if you submit a request for screening prior to March 1st.

International Premier:

To be eligible, your film should be original and not screened theatrically in any country outside of North America before February 28th.

North American Premiere:
Your film must have been released theatrically within the last 12 months. Your film must also have premiered in one of the following regions: New York City/Los Angeles Area, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver, Portland.

Texas Premier:

Your film must be produced in Texas and have premiered in one of these cities: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio.


The SXSW Festival is a great opportunity for filmmakers to gain recognition and visibility. It’s a chance to show off your work to a wide audience. The festival provides access to potential investors, distributors, and media outlets.


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