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College life can be quite frightening. It is often a time to start afresh, with new friends and increased responsibilities. If the high rates of college dropout are anything to go by, surviving this period of your life requires preparation and help. As you make your transition into tertiary education, understand that the decisions and actions during this phase can affect your future academic trajectory and career. The objective of this article is not to scare you or take away from the excitement of going to college. Rather, it has been created to offer insights on how you can survive and even thrive in college. Read on for interesting lifestyle tips.

Seek a Balance Between Life and Studies

The college experience is unlike anything you have ever encountered. It is most likely the first time you are in charge of your life. You have to make all the major decisions that could affect not only your time on campus but also your future career. Also, college is full of social and academic events.

We urge students to keep a healthy balance and avoid overly engaging in either. Your social life is important as you get to make friends and connections that could be critical in the future. At the same time, you need to find to study for your exams and work on assignments. If you ever feel overwhelmed, just know that it is possible to seek assistance from a professional essay writer online.

Participate in Student Organizations and Groups

Most students drop out of college because they are homesick or lonely. Such feelings, coupled with the fact that you still don’t know many people on campus, can make college frightening. Consider joining clubs and interest groups to have constant company and make friends. Just don’t be too eager to trust.

Be Selective About Your Food and Drinks

Now that you are growing into a young adult, you have to make responsible choices in terms of what you eat and drink. Your dietary habits have significant implications for your physical and mental health. As such, make it a habit to plan your meals and avoid excess calories and sugary drinks.

Avoid Skipping Classes

We know that your workload can be overwhelming, especially if you have chosen to get a part-time job. Even with the numerous responsibilities, attending classes is still important. Of course, missing one occasional class can be forgiven. However, for outstanding academic performance, you may need to attend most lectures and seminars. Talk to your employer about your college schedule to find a compromise that suits both parties.

Have Enough Rest and Sleep

With so many assignments to do and responsibilities demanding your attention, you may feel the need to study until late into the night. Please understand that prolonged sleep deprivation interferes with your circadian rhythm and is connected to many mental and physical health problems. To avoid fatigue and study well, then you have to create a sleep pattern. So, while you may feel the need to party endlessly, good sleep is essential.

Sell and Buy Used Textbooks

Books can be quite costly and can damage your college budget. Don’t worry. Since most classes use similar textbooks each year, you can purchase used copies to allow you to spend less cash. You can also sell your used books to create funds for other important things like food and accommodation. When buying school supplies like pens, books, and highlighters, always seek the cheapest alternatives.

Attend All Orientations and Make Friends

Some students assume that orientations are an unnecessary waste of scarce time. Well, in truth, such sessions can actually save you time. During orientations, students are informed about campus regulations and where to find critical services. It is also a chance to expand your network of friends that pursue similar programs. This can help with your studies and can allow you to create long-term connections.

During your high school years, you may have been used to being led through projects and assignments, including notifications on due dates. Now that you are in college, you are responsible for your entire schedule. If needed, purchase an organizer and always prioritize tasks. Also, make sure to identify a quiet and isolated place where you can complete assignments and study for important tests. Don’t forget to make time for yourself and have fun. Don’t feel pressured into making hasty decisions regarding career majors and relationships. Seek guidance if necessary.


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