Sunscreen, Tote, Gladiators & 5 Other Things You Bring on a Beach Trip!

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A beach trip is simply irresistible. It’s a great place to hang out with friends. The sound of the waves hitting the shore or rocks gives a soothing feeling to those with tired souls. When you hit the beach, don’t forget to bring essentials such as gladiator inspired shoes, sunscreen and tote to mention a few. If you haven’t gotten your must-haves packed yet, here’s a list of what you should bring.

1. A couple of two-piece bikinis. Let’s say you only have one bag and you’ll be at the beach for four days. Keep your stuff light and handy by bringing only two sets of two-piece bikinis. The other one must be in plain color while the other set can be printed. Mix and match the two and it’ll look like you bought two extra bikinis with you (Winnie – New York Noir & Billie Firefly,



2. A pair of gladiator shoes. What’s great about bringing gladiator shoes instead of flip flops is that you can wear these gladiators stylishly. Pair them with a skirt or denim shorts, sometimes even with maxi dresses and you’ll look fantastic! For the beach, choose a pair that doesn’t have too much embellishment so they won’t fall off. Go with a strappy kind or with ankle cuffs for added style (Qupid Cooper-06 Two Tone Ankle Cuff Sandals,

3. Sunscreen spray. Sunscreen is mostly found in lotion form. They’re very useful for a long time, but lotion form can sometimes be difficult to apply. Your skin won’t easily absorb them, that’s why a lot of people today look for sunscreen in mist form. Just spray and your skin will have a matte finish (Sunplay UV Body Mist SPF 80).

4. Waterproof tote. You see jelly sandals and thongs nowadays, so why not have a jelly tote as well? These waterproof totes are perfect accessories when you go sunbathing. What’s more, most waterproof or jelly totes are transparent. You can easily spot if all your essentials are packed accordingly.

5. Sarong. Sarongs are fabrics usually worn on the beach, particularly seen in Asian countries. Instead of walking with just your bikinis, stylishly wrap a sarong on your waist or turn it into a dress when you’re cooling down at the resort. A single sarong wrap can be arranged into 8 different styles.

6. Fluffy straw hat. Sunglasses are ultimate stylish accessories to protect your vision from the blazing sun rays. Aside from that, look pretty fabulous in a fluffy straw hat. Wear it with a dress or just your plain old bikini (Christy’s Hats Stanton Straw Hat, “>


7. Maxi Dress. Who wouldn’t bring a maxi dress to the beach, right? When you don’t feel like sunbathing or swimming, you can stylishly stroll along the shore with a long and flowy maxi dress. This dress looks very regal and elegant when worn by women of any color, shape and size (Criss Cross Backless Maxi Dress,

8. Lip balm. A lot of women forget this as soon as they hit the waves. While you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun, remember that your lips are burning from too much sun rays. Keep your lips smooth, soft and hydrated with your favorite lip balm, favorably with SPF.



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however, all opinions expressed are that of the company!






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