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Strange Odors? How to Rid Your Home of Nasty Smells.

Almost every home has a certain odor. Whether it’s from the individuals who reside in the dwelling, the food they cook or the cologne they wear, it can be a mix of many smells. Most times the smells are good. But others, you may want to open every window and get as much air as you can inside to vanquish the noxious odor. The following are tips on how to rid your home of nasty smells.

Check for Leaks

Gas is typically used to heat a home and cook food on the stove top. But a gas leak can be a serious smell for households. The pungent odor may even mimic a rotten egg type of odor. Cooking and heating gases such as natural and propane are dangerous, so you need to have everyone exit the property immediately. You can also call the gas company and ventilate the residence by opening doors and windows. Sometimes, it’s as simple as an unlit burner being turned on. It could also prove more serious. The odor could also stem from a plumbing issue such as a toilet or sink backing up. It’s best to have a professional assess the situation if you’re unable to detect the source on your own.

Call in the Professionals

Foul odors in the home may be more than a poopy diaper or stinky garbage. Cleaning products, mold, paint fumes, household cleaners and pets can circulate throughout your home via your air condition or heating systems. Over time, the same foul odors could be recycled through your duct work. Cleaning ducts provides a healthier environment for chronic allergy sufferers and those with respiratory issues. Regular air duct cleaning can also remove the odors and leave your home fresh smelling.

Follow Clean Practices

Bad odors can arise from an unkempt house. If you don’t regularly clean your dwelling, you want to make it a habit to do so. Enlist the help of your family to assist in your housekeeping duties. If you don’t have the time for cleaning toilets, mopping floors and dusting, hire a cleaning company to take on the work. Whether they clean weekly, every other week or monthly, you’ll notice a major difference in the way your home smells. Products such as bleach can kill germs and make your home smell clean. There are also environmentally-friendly products that uses natural ingredients to deal with household grime.

Take Out the Garbage

If your home smells like rotten garbage, the source could be in your trash can. When the weather is warm during the summer months, you may need to dispose of your household garbage every other day. During the winter months when the temperatures are seasonally cooler, you may be able to get by once the trash can is full. You should also make it a habit to clean your trash cans with sprays and detergents before placing the plastic liner in your garbage container. Manufacturers also produce odor reducing plastic liners in attractive scents.

Catch Up on Laundry

Materials such as shirts, pants and dresses hold onto odors more than surfaces that are hard. If your home is particularly smelly, your laundry bin may be the culprit behind the stink. Wet clothes, sheets and towels sitting in the dryer can also cause a foul odor to permeate your home. Using a scoop of baking soda placed the same time as your detergent can cut down on the odors. You should also wash your curtains and bathroom towels often as the smells can get stuck in the fabrics.

Pungent foods, cigarettes, garbage, and the occupants from within can contribute to the smell of your home. The following are remedies that will help clear up the foul odors and make your home smell fresh and new again.


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