For the Night Owls: 10 Fun Activities You Can Do At Night Time

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Growing up, you may have been taught that staying up late is a bad thing – but that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, there are a number of special benefits that night owls get to enjoy on a nightly basis. Not only are there some great health perks for staying up late, but there are also a variety of fun things you can enjoy that will leave you refreshed, energized, and happy by the following day.

Want to know what you can experience as a night owl? Here are the top 10 fun activities you can experience after the sun goes down!

1 Make Your Best Phone Calls

While making calls may not sound like a “fun” activity right off the bat, it can provide you with plenty of advantages. Did you know that most network service providers offer customers the ability to have free, unlimited calls at night? If you’re looking to get people together for a party, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone!

2 Make Your Best Videos

Whether you’re going out for a fun night on the town, or you are staying in and planning a movie-watching party with your friends, there are bound to be some great memories that you’ll want to catch on tape. You can easily record videos using your mobile device. When the video is done, there are free converter programs like http://www.freemake.com to get everything set up for you.

3 Get Creative

Did you know that the creative side of the brain is most active at night? Because of this, night owls always tend to be more creative than the early birds. When the sun goes down, you can get out your paint supplies or your crafting materials for a night of fun! This is a great way to release energy and express your thoughts as well.

4 Play Video Game

Nothing can get the adrenaline pumping more than a full night of action-packed video games. Whether you’re into RPGs like Diablo and are currently searching for the best builds in diablo 2, or you love teaming up with a buddy, there are endless adventures that await when you turn on the console. Most video game consoles, including computers, can provide hundreds of game options for thousands of hours of playtime.

5 Play Board Games

It doesn’t always have to be about electronics. Get some of your best friends together for a night of fun and thrilling board games. Whether you like games that involve cards, or dice, or quick decision-making, you’ll quickly find your groove when you sit down and team up with your buds. You can also enjoy a few late night games online like claim health lottery bonus. I love playing these kind of games in my free time, who knows one day I just might win!

6 Time to Clean!

Cleaning may not sound like the most exciting activity to do at night, but since the brain is so active, it’s the perfect time to declutter a messy room. You can make it fun, too! Play some music and sort everything by color. Make it into a game. Challenge your friends to clean better than you, and offer a tasty reward to anyone who finishes first!

7 Cook A Meal

Since you’re up all night, you have all the time in the world on your hands. You can really get deep into your recipe book and cook up the meal you’ve always wanted to try. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! The kitchen is your oyster, and as long as you have all of the cooking materials you need, you can make just about anything.

8 Go Clubbing

Going out is always a fun way to get together with friends and experience the best nightlife in your town. You can go to a relaxing bar and share some drinks with buddies, or you can go to the club and dance the night away on the action-packed floor. This is a great way to meet new people and make lasting memories!

9 Learn Something New

You can enjoy a long and peaceful night to yourself with a variety of free online courses. Whether you’re looking to learn a new language, or practice computer coding, you can finally find the time you need to learn a valuable skill.

10 Go For a Drive

There’s something serene about driving around at night. It’s even better when nobody else is around. Go by yourself or take a few of your friends for a quiet drive around the city. You’ll be able to see new sights, and enjoy your favorite views from different angles. Get a glimpse at how many lights are in your town! What’s your favorite spot?

Final Verdict: You Own the Night!

As a night owl, the night is yours to claim. If you feel like staying inside, you can enjoy a wide range of creative and energetic activities to get your blood flowing. If you want to go out, there are plenty of bars and clubs that stay late to feed your night owl lifestyle. This is a great opportunity to have fun and learn more about yourself in the process. Don’t forget to go to sleep when your activities are complete!




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  • I’ve always been a night owl. Thinking back, there are some really great things I’ve done with friends. Pick a TV series (cough cough, Breaking Bad) and watch it together. Or host a sleepover. Read magazines, order pizza and stay up late talking. If you have kids, just bring them. 🙂 x


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