Why Spending Alone Time is Good for Recharging

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Have you ever felt like you just needed a moment to yourself? Of course, you have. You’re human.

But much like you need schedule a car service to keep your car running smoothly, you must spend some time alone to help maintain your mental health.

Some people need more alone time than others, and the category you fall into has to do with your personality type. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you don’t know, think about how you feel after you spend time with a group of people. Do you feel exhausted or recharged? Introverts tend to feel drained from social interaction while extroverts are more likely to feel energized.

But even extroverts need some alone time for recharging. Whether that means being alone in your room or driving your comfortable sedan out for a drive, introverts and extroverts still need alone time to recharge.

Here are the reasons why spending time alone is good for recharging.


Take a mental break

When you’re alone, it’s naturally easier to be alone with your thoughts. This offers a great way for anyone to clear their minds and make decisions on their own terms. When you’re alone you can even consider utilizing platforms such as to release some inner creativity and navigate your own conversations without speaking to someone and depleting your social battery. This is a great alternative to explore when you’re spending time on your own.

Whenever you have to make a major decision, get some advice from your inner circle, and then plan to spend some alone time thinking about how to handle things. Ultimately, this is your decision, so take a minute to make sure it’s what you really want.

Boost productivity

Being alone naturally reduces distractions since there’s no one around to divert your attention. This grants you ample time to focus on tasks, unleash your creativity, and experience a satisfying sense of achievement. After all, productivity has a way of making everything feel better.

Interestingly, experts are now noticing that the open-plan office layouts have become so popular are actually counterproductive. They’re finding that people need some alone time to become more productive. And it makes good sense. It’s difficult to get work done when you can’t shut out the noise from a conversation that’s happening two desks down.

Get your creative juices flowing

There’s nothing wrong with being around other people, especially when those people are creative geniuses. But being alone can also help replenish your creativity. Whenever you’re feeling a creative block, spend some time alone doing something creative. You may spend time journaling, sketching or reading. You may also get a creative jolt by taking a solo walk through nature. The fresh air and natural beauty will can help you reset your creativity and get back to your roots.

If you work in a creative field, like graphic design or creative writing, you can definitely benefit from alone time every day. Again, some people need more than others, so plan as much as feels right for you. This isn’t something you should force for the sake of doing. It’s a time to relax, recharge and feel inspired.

Restore your natural intuition

Have you ever noticed that you start thinking like the people you spend the most time with? It’s almost as if they’re renting space in your head. That’s probably why leadership experts suggest that we take a hard look at the five people we spend the most time with – because, like it or not, they have an influence on your thoughts, actions and decisions. But if you take some time alone, you can remove the tethers and reset the connection to yourself. It’s a great way to get back to your natural intuition, so you can get back to making gut decisions that are right for your life (not someone else’s).

Spending alone time is a great way to supercharge your life, but you may have to experiment to see how much time makes sense for you. Start with 30 minutes and work your way up from there. Whenever you start getting antsy, it’s probably time to reenter society again.



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