Some Brilliant Tips You Should Keep in Mind for the Best Asian Wedding Ever

If you are in the UK and are planning an Asian wedding, it can definitely be a challenge. If you want to stick to some traditions, such as having Asian food served at the reception or having a priest perform the wedding ceremony, it can be quite overwhelming to fix all the details without too much of a hassle. But there are some tips which you can keep in mind if you want to have the best Asian wedding ever. Take note of the following for the Asian wedding of your dreams:

Look for a good venue

The wedding venue is of even greater importance if you are planning an Asian wedding because it needs to be able to accommodate the entire affair (and whatever traditions you would like to have) without any trouble. For one, most Asian weddings have hundreds of guests, so the wedding venue needs to be big enough to fit all the guests you are planning to have. Also, if you want to hold two wedding ceremonies or a series of ceremonies over a few days, the venue has to be available on those days. The good news is that there are some special Asian wedding venues geared towards Asian wedding celebrations – meaning they can accommodate as many guests as you want, and they even allow you to bring your own caterer. There are also some venues where you can hold an outdoor wedding ceremony, so when looking for the venue, ask them if they can adapt to – and assist you with – your requirements.

Consider flexibility and the range of options available

For a brilliant Asian wedding, you may already have some ideas in mind. But the venue should offer flexibility. For instance, if you are planning a Chinese wedding, you may want a venue which has an outdoor area if you are planning to have lanterns or a fireworks display. You may also want a venue outdoors where you can pitch a marquee or tent (think ‘Arabian Nights’) complete with traditional furnishings and carpets.

Think carefully about the food and drinks

The food and drinks you serve can make a difference, especially for an Asian wedding. If you want to continue with your theme, why not have a special Asian menu showcasing some of your country’s well-known delicacies or even street food? You can combine your Asian menu with a standard continental menu, of course, but the point is to give your guests a taste of your fantastic cuisine. The drinks you serve can also bring that extra ‘wow factor’ to your event, and if you want something special, you can have some cocktails served using traditional Asian ingredients. You should also consider guests who don’t drink; special mocktails for guests are a great idea as well.





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