Smart Security – 5 Technologically Advanced Security Innovations to Keep You Safe

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As much as most people don’t want to admit it, the world can be a dangerous place. Even walking from your car to your house can be a risk – let alone walking to the store in the dark, or being home by yourself with the door unlocked. Fortunately, with an increase in criminal activity comes the advancement in security technology. Here are a few of the many advanced security innovations that could help to keep you safe:

Bluetooth Door Locks

While there is nothing wrong with having a traditional key to get into your house, having a Smart Bluetooth door lock is a far safer and more convenient option. Not only can you lock your home up like Fort Knox, but you can also use your phone to lock or unlock your door remotely at a moment’s notice.

Such a system is also convenient for if you need to let your house cleaner or a visitor in when you’re not home. You could leave a spare key and risk someone undesirable finding it, or you can invest in a Bluetooth door lock and unlock your door from wherever you are.

Hidden Lightbulb Cameras

Fewer than half of property and violent crimes are solved, meaning the likelihood of anyone catching someone breaking into your house is minimal. However, you can take criminal matters into your own hands, to a degree, with a hidden lightbulb camera. It looks and acts like a standard lightbulb, but it has a wireless camera hidden within. With many models, you can view the footage on your phone, or transfer the data from the included SD card at a later date.

Buddy System Apps

If you have to walk anywhere alone, and you don’t feel safe, you will be pleased to know that technology has allowed such apps as Companion to exist. Companion is a buddy system application for Android and iOS that allows friends to track your whereabouts.

You can choose a companion from your contacts, and they will see you appear on a map. They can continue viewing you until you get to your destination, but if you don’t, the buddy can also send help. What’s more, your friends and family don’t have to have the Companion app to ensure you are safe.

Smart Home Systems

Smart home system sales are increasing every year, and it’s no surprise why. Such a system helps you to feel safer in your home, while also ensuring the safety of your house when you’re not in it too. You can lock and unlock doors, check the heating, make sure you closed your garage door and even set security alarms when you forget. There is also a significant range of options available, ensuring there’s bound to be something for all homeowners.


Panic Alarms

Traditional panic alarms used to be a bottle of Fox pepper spray, a whistle, and a decent set of lungs. Technology, however, has paved the way for such panic alarms as B Safe. B Safe operates similarly to Companion but with far more features. You can hit an SOS button for people to know you’re in trouble, and the phone will start recording and live streaming. You can also set off a siren and shake your phone to activate an emergency. Feel far safer every time you leave the house.

Not everyone has the privilege of living in a safe neighborhood or even protecting themselves from danger 24/7. Fortunately, technology exists that can offer a helping hand in the direst of circumstances. Any of these options above could be well worth your consideration.


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