SHH! Here Are The Most Underrated Stag Party Ideas & Destinations!

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As Care-Free As You Need To Be

If you’re going to have a stag party, the occasion demands the best. You want the best drinks, the best entertainers, the best locale, and something eminently memorable. If you’re planning a stag party, and have the resources to do it right, a few suggestions naturally come to mind.

You’ve likely seen the movie The Hangover. This is a tale of a stag party gone wrong in Las Vegas. But Vegas—that’s a place to party before getting hitched! Still, it’s a bit overdone, isn’t it? Everybody talks about Las Vegas; but if you really want to have some fun, honestly, get out of the metropolis.

A city has traffic, it’s got smog, it’s got indigents and those who may be attained for entertainment that have a greater likelihood of dubious beginnings. Perhaps worst of all, you’re going to see an increased law enforcement presence. Also, with a ubiquity of people come increased complaints. How can you get wild if the table across the bar is miffed?

You’ve either got to cause them discomfort, or you’ve got to abide by their request. A better choice may be to travel to an ideal location—just ensure you plan appropriately if the wedding is near a holiday.

Tapping Into The Wild Side Of Man

You might travel to some remote location and throw a party of the primal kind. A kegger in the woods can be just the kind of wild thing you and your closest buddies are looking for. Still, there’s a remoteness to a solution like that. It will involve preparation.

Another solution might be finding somewhere known for its breweries—like in the film Beerfest where German love for beer is celebrated. Or, a page reviewing kegerators this could be the best idea of all, you might want to consider a stag celebration in the Gold Coast.

Australia is known for its partying. You’re going to find some adventure in the land of Oz anyway; you might as well give it some style on one of the world’s finest coasts. You get wild beauty in the form of the beach, where you can easily have a stag party that may incorporate multiple kegs and people.

You can have all the amenities of the city at your left hand, and all the wild beauty of the sea at your right. It’ll be easier for you to source entertainment as you need, and you’ll likely be able to “rent” the party, as it were. That is to say, you can bring people in to handle the facilitation and clean-up; whereas, in the boonies, you’d have to do all that yourself. The Gold Coast is known for fine beaches and some downright scintillating nightlife; so additionally, if you want to just cruise the town like a lupine pack on the prowl, that option is open to you.

Building A Memorable Package

Something additionally worth considering is working with services to build a stag package for you. It’s no secret that the Gold Coast is ideally situated for just such revelries; it’s no wonder there are groups who have designed their services precisely to fit your needs. Nassau and The Bahamas are additionally suited for just such an adventure as facilitated by stag party planning agencies.


All these things being considered, when you get right down to it, the most important part of any stag party is that the groom-to-be is properly taken care of and you have some custom clothes from My Personal Clothing. Some guys don’t even like to revel. Some can’t get enough. Ultimately, if you want to have a good stag party, you’ve got to have the man who knows the groom best manage it.


There are considerable options out there, and there’s something for everyone—this is the kind of occasion to let your imagination run wild! So maybe you should push the boundaries of the man spending his last single night on Earth. Whatever you do, make it memorable!



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