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It’s days like today that make me cringe from the inside out. There’s a bit of a chill in the air and it’s raining so my aging bones, muscles and joints are throbbing nonstop. OUCH!

This type of weather makes me want to move to warmer climate but my bank account says “yeah right!” not happening! So what do I do in order to get through the day? I turn to Salonpas® for pain relief, of course. Salonpas is the manufacturer of topical pain relieving products including patches, gels and sprays.


My favorite, by far is the Pain Relief Patch. It’s just the right size to adhere to a shoulder, my neck, anywhere on my back or even an arm or a leg. These babies help to ease the pain of mild to moderate muscle and joint aches and pains that are associated with arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and simple backaches.

Not only are they great for arthritic pains or injuries but ladies, when that time of the month comes and you’re suffering from mid to lower back pain, grab some Salonpas and you’ll love the cooling effect, not to mention the pain relieving effects. Ahh….


If you prefer a gentle heat, Salonpas also offers the Gel Hot Patch. This gel patch technology soothes away pain and cools on contact. Shortly thereafter you feel a warming sensation that gets down into the muscles delivering deep penetrating waves of heat.

Both patches’ topical benefits last for up to 8 hours of targeted relief so you can focus on other important things.


For fast, quick absorbing, deep penetrating relief you’ll love the DEEP Relieving Gel. It has 3 active ingredients that penetrate deep and starts to deliver pain relief in seconds. This product also lasts for up to 8 hours! I love that it’s clear and doesn’t leave a greasy feel on your skin.

The DEEP Relieving Gel is great for those areas where a patch just won’t adhere properly.


If you want to forgo the patches and gels but still want an instant pain reliever, the Salonpas Jet Spray is for you. With the push of a button you get cool, fast relief of those awful muscle and joint aches and pains. The Jet Spray offers a non-drip, quick drying formula for a no-mess application.

Just point and shoot where you need instant relief such as still joints; arms, legs, and feet. Can you say “ahh-mazing!?”

Salonpas products are formulated with menthol, methyl salicylate, capscaicin, and/or camphor to provide you with the ultimate in topical pain relief.

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