Restoring Your Home in Port Clinton

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Port Clinton is a city in Ottawa located on the delta of Portage River, Lake Erie. With the sudden rise of water levels of Lake Erie, the northeast winds and its location at the mouth of the Portage River, Port Clinton is prone to floods. As a consequence of which a lot of water damage happens to the people living in Port Clinton. 

There are several reasons for the water damage in Port Clinton. Some natural calamities like hurricanes, extensive rainfall. Problems like damaged pipes, groundwater seepage, flawed drainage systems, sewage, obstructed toilets, and destructed appliances are crucial problems that cause water damage in Port Clinton. 

Water damage in general terms is the disaster caused as a result of water occupation. There are various damages like wood rotting, mold and bacterial extension, eroding of steel, wood bulking, wall destruction, plywoods, types of furniture etc. The degree of the damage varies on the area and also how much water occupation has been done. It is suggested to call and take help from a certified and authentic water restoration company if there is major damage. If not so, one can clean their homes by themselves. 

If the damage is not that severe, follow the following steps to clean your home:

  • Look for the origin of the water. Where is the leakage starting from? It can be due to a broken pipe, the roof may be damaged and leaking, toilet pipes or drainage systems may be damaged or sink overflow
  • Use a prime quality wet or dry vacuum to extract out all the water. 
  • Use a towel to dry the leftover water. 
  • Check for any more water in places like under the bed, furniture etc. 
  • Turn on all the fans to make the room dry. 

If the water damage done is severe, a good water Restoration company of Port Clinton should be called for. Here is the list of some certified water restoration companies in Port Clinton:

     1. Jenson Brothers: With a team of certified technicians who are very professional with their work, they provide rapid and all-round solutions for water damage problems. They also provide 24/7 emergency services and give timely responses to the customers. 

     2. 24*7 Water Damage Recovery Service: Consisting of a team of a well trained and certified team, they provide different services like water damage removal, cleaning the sewage, toilets, drains and also checking for any type of pipe obstruction. They offer 24/7 emergency services for both commercial and domestic purposes. 

     3. Erie Restoration: They offer complete services in water cleaning and restoration. Their service consists of water cleaning, mending the spoiled parts, and restoring them. They can be called during an emergency too since they offer 24*7 emergency services.

     4. Re-store Pro Disaster Clean-Up and Restoration: With a trained team of technicians and specialists, they offer quick solutions for water damage problems and work to reverse the damage done professionally. 

     5. SERVPRO of East Ottawa: They are available 24*7, all the days of the week for residential and commercial purposes. They also provide emergency services. They are a dependable and genuine company.

These companies perform multiple steps to clean and restore their homes. The steps include the following steps:

  1. Inspection
  2. Water Removal
  3. Drying and dehumidification
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing

The very first thing the water restoration companies do is to examine the source from where the water influx started. According to the source, they categories the degree of the contaminated water. After this, they make use of well equipped and professional types of equipment like pumps and vacuums to draw out the water. A special instrument known as the hygrometer is used to measure the moisture after which dehumidifiers are used to make the area dry. After dehumidification, the home is properly cleaned, sanitized to get rid of the foul smell and the disease-causing bacteria. The use of disinfectants, antimicrobial, antibacterial treatments are needed to stop the growth of Microorganisms. After carrying out all the steps, all the damaged parts are repaired and all the things are put in order. 

The companies also advise on keeping the home maintained and the precautions which should be taken to prevent any further water damage. Within 3-5 days, the whole place gets dried out. 

It is mandatory to thoroughly clean the home because polluted water is dangerous for health and is also a carrier of multiple disease-causing bacteria which give rise to different kinds of health problems. Therefore care should be taken that the home is cleaned properly if there is severe water damage and professional assistance should be called for. 



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