Relishing D-day: The Ultimate Checklist For Bride

To all the stunning brides-to-be, your heart must be fluttering with butterflies as the countdown to your wedding has begun!

So, finally, you have got those perfect bridal Marsoni dresses, a killer smile, and a gleaming aura to radiate on your dreamy day! 

However, amidst the wedding chaos, you must be juggling between preparing a guest list, perfecting your dance moves, attending pre-wedding salon sessions, and whatnot!

What if you forget about your bridal bouquet or your dress’s zipper suddenly turns out rebellious? Panic mode on?

Well, leave the stress out!

To ensure a smooth and beautiful journey until you say “I do” to the man of your dreams, here’s an ultimate checklist for you! Here, you get the gist of preparing a list of all the things you need to make your wedding worth remembering.


Coordinate With Vendors

From the florists to caters to DJs to photographers, make sure they know where to be and when. A little reminder never hurts anyone, and it ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible. You don’t want anyone going hungry or the DJ ruining your dance playlist at the wedding. 

Pack Emergency Kits

Ever imagined the panic if your dress’ tiny hook gets undone and your gorgeous dress starts slipping gradually? Well, no bride wants to get stressed out with even a minor malfunction at her wedding! 

So, prepare a wedding day emergency kit with essentials like safety pins, stain remover, makeup for touch-ups, breath mints, tissues, and any medication you might need. 

Confirm Makeup Bookings

If you have not decided about your makeup professional or the different beauty treatments you are going to take, make a list of the ones you prefer the most! After selecting the one, make sure you schedule a trial to avoid any unexpected surprises on the big day.

Confirm the time, location, and any specific looks you’ve been dreaming of! It’s your day, and you need to feel like the dazzling queen you are!

Organize Important Documents

Now, let’s focus on grabbing those crucial documents, including your IDs, marriage license, vendor contracts, etc. Keep them in a safe and sound spot so that you can focus on your wedding rather than hunting for paperwork.

Preparing a Guest List 

You don’t want your aunt calling you up and complaining about not inviting her to the wedding! So, make sure you have prepared a guest list in advance and have included those far-off relatives. It’s all about avoiding the drama, keeping everyone happy, and saving yourself from any kind of unwanted family feud.

Venue and the Seating Arrangements

What if your expected guest list count exceeds and you get short of seating arrangements at your wedding venue? Terrifying, right? So, it becomes crucial to have an exact count of the guests so that everyone has a spot to witness the spectacular wedding.

Make sure to plan a little extra for seats and food so no one’s left disappointed on your big day!

Accessories List

Imagine you are all dolled up in your bridal Marsoni by Color dress with stylish heels and glamorous jewelry. However, when it comes to styling your hair, your hair accessories are missing! This ultimately impacts the bridal overall aesthetic look! 

To save yourself from such scenarios, plan your accessories in advance and keep them intact in some small bag.  Make sure they’re polished and ready to sparkle!

Speech Notes

Are you planning to deliver a speech for your loved ones? Well, expressing your love and gratitude is a sweet gesture, but you might get blank when everyone stares at you! Hence, take a pen and jot down your thoughts on paper so that those emotions flow smoothly. 

Preparing a Personal Mini Bag

After you are done exchanging your wedding vows, it’s time for the after-party! To switch from a glam bride to a relaxed bride, you need to pack some essentials in advance! A slip dress, comfortable sneakers, tissues, quick snacks, perfume, etc., are some of the things to be kept handy by the bride!

Also, pack a mini makeup kit with all the necessary essentials, like a blush, setting powder, comb, and lip shade, to refresh your tired look! 

Final Alterations Check

Before your wedding, try on that gown for one last time. It would be a heartbreaking moment for you to find out that the dress doesn’t fit the way it should. So, get a dress rehearsal done to ensure that every stitch is in its happy place, allowing you to walk down the aisle with confidence and grace. Don’t forget about those heels!

Summing Up

So, there you have it, an ultimate wedding day checklist for all those lovely brides-to-be. From coordinating with different vendors to preparing the guest list, this guide ensures that your wedding preparations go smoothly without any hassle or hurdle!


So, take a deep breath, relish the journey, and get ready for the most surreal, incredible, and magical day of your life. Cheers to love and happily ever after!


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