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How to Redecorate Your Home on a Tight Budget.

Our homes should be designed to make us feel as comfortable as possible, and if you’ve found yourself dissatisfied with the inside of your home, it’s high time to change it. Many find themselves putting off renovations and redecoration efforts due to budget concerns; these tips will help you redesign your home on a budget.

Switch up the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can do more for your room than you ever imagined. Before running out to your local hardware store and grabbing a can of paint, put some serious thought into the color you’ll use. Color can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a space, and more importantly, different hues can have varied effects on your mood. If you’re not looking to completely overhaul your paint job in the house, consider some inexpensive wall decals to add a bit of pizzazz to the different rooms of your house.

Redo Your Hardware

Sometimes the biggest impact comes from the smallest of strategic changes. Homeowners often cite their cabinets as one of the top things they would change within their home, but that doesn’t have to mean completely replacing them. Consider replacing your hardware, i.e. knobs, handles, pulls, and even faucets. Find decorative hardware accessories of all types at CoolKnobsandPulls.com. You’d be surprised at the mini facelift switching out a handle or two can provide. If you’d like to further capitalize on this design idea, make sure you take a look at your faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Brass is back in action this year, and adding this metallic accent to your faucets can actually create a more expensive look in your home.

Go Modern Want to make your home look expensive without actually spending a fortune? Follow a modern motif. Clean lines and simplistic décor translate into a look of elegance and opulence. If you want to capture the modern look, find decorations that encapsulate that look. Need help hunting down the right pieces? Use a website like www.touchofmodern.com to source your décor. All of their items are made with modern materials and will add some definite modern class to any shelf or wall in your home.

Finding High-Quality Art

If you love art, or simply want to add some new pieces of interest to your home décor, don’t worry about laying down hundreds or thousands of dollars to find a piece you like. Art is meant to be enjoyed, and if you find a piece you love that has been recreated through print mediums, don’t feel afraid to use it because it isn’t “real”. Websites like Lumas.com have thousands upon thousands of gorgeous prints on both paper and canvases.

Get Thrifty

You don’t have to buy new to bring a new feel to your home. Think of your redecoration efforts as your chance to practice your thrifting capabilities. Head to local consignment stores, thrift stores, and Goodwills and take your time looking through the offerings. Often, you can find quality pieces that can be upcycled into the perfect décor for your space. One of the best things you can source from thrift stores? Photo frames. Consider making a collage wall with varied sizes and hues of frames. If you’re looking for a more cohesive look, grab a can of spray paint and head out to the yard. Spray frames of different sizes and shapes, then fill with family photos, your children’s art pieces, and any other sentimental items you’d like to display.

Experiment with Textiles

You can make a massive change in the overall look of your décor with varied textiles. During the summer months, switch up heavy, dark curtains with lightweight window treatments. Throw a few decorative pillows on the couch for a pop of color, and use area rugs to give your floor a little bit of a sprucing.

Changing the look of your home is all about strategic décor pieces. Utilize these tips and tricks to make your space exactly as you always imagined.


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