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Reasons for the Surge in Scottsdale Real Estate

Perched in the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale is a perfect destination for people wanting to move from metropolitan cities to quieter suburbs. As per September 2021 real estate Scottsdale AZ data, the Scottsdale home prices have risen by 18.5% compared to last year. This article will explore the reasons for the surge in Scottsdale’s real estate prices. 

Good Place to Live 

As per real estate experts, Scottsdale is an excellent place for anyone to raise a family. The city has abundant, safe areas to choose from, and it also offers some of the best schools in Arizona. 

The city is ideal for young adults who are planning to settle down and raise a family. The recent data shows a 1.61% violent crime rate in Scottsdale, which is excellent for people looking for a safe neighborhood. 

Gifted With Natural Beauty 

Travel experts mention Scottsdale as a perfect desert city. It has all the essential elements of a perfect getaway. The city’s outskirts offer good hiking trails like 3.5-mile (over and back) trail at Pinnacle Peak Park, Tom’s Thumb Trailhead, Brown’s Ranch Trailhead, Sunrise Peak Trail, Marcus Landslide Trail, and many more. 

These hiking trails give residents and travelers a unique opportunity to come closer to nature and witness its beauty. Scottsdale’s abundance of outdoor activities makes it a top choice for young families who like to indulge in outdoor activities on holidays and weekends. 

Also, Scottsdale has several parks like McDowell Sonoran Reserve and Southwest Wildlife conservation center, which are ideal recreational destinations for children.

Young families settling down in Scottsdale have options of various activities like flying over the desert in a balloon, a stroll in the desert, and many more leisure activities to enjoy on weekends. 

Good Weather 

Scottsdale is blessed with good weather all year around. The city has more than 330 sunny days each year. The summers are hot, humid, and dry, while winters are cool. The average temperature in Scottsdale is in the range of 44°F to 106°F.

Scottsdale also has a lower risk of natural calamities like earthquakes and tornadoes that can disrupt life. As per recent data the chance of earthquake and tornado damage in Scottsdale is lower than the national average.

Near Top Travel Destinations 

Scottsdale is a popular travel destination in the US. The city is known for high-end boutiques, championship golf courses, and sprawling luxurious resorts. As per recent data, around 9.1 million travelers visited Scottsdale in 2018.

There has been a consistent increase in the numbers of travelers to Scottsdale, and the city recorded.5 million day trip visitors and 4.6 million domestic overnight visitors. 

A Large Number of People Relocating to Scottsdale From Other Cities

As per recent real estate Scottsdale AZ data, Scottsdale Arizona was the top city by net moves. The data mentions 68% more people moved in the city versus moving out. The city is a quiet, safe suburb with good shopping and dining facilities. 

The walkability score for most suburbs is good, and you can complete most chores on foot. The city also has good public transport connectivity in all suburbs, which make moving around convenient. 

Due to these reasons, there is greater demand for land and housing in Scottsdale. There is a massive difference between supply and demand, which is one of the primary reasons for Scottsdale’s surge in real estate prices.


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