Real Estate Versus Gold Versus Bitcoins: What Is 2021 Going to Be Like?

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The outbreak of the COVID 19 has destroyed the world’s financial infrastructure. Over the last six months, the economy of the world has taken most of the damage. With the several industries facing the threat of extinction, COVID 19 pandemic has also provided opportunities to bloom.

When all the industries were falling, the real estate industry, price evaluation of the Gold, and the Crypto trade market reached new heights.

It is an undeniable fact that some way or another, the COVID 19 outbreak has provided several industries to bloom completely.

How Real Estate Performed In 2020?

It has been well over a decade when the world faced a global financial crisis. However, even after hitting the market’s bottom mark, the real estate business continued to show strong results. However, in the past couple of years, the real estate business has got a significant boost. With the improved economy, every individual has started harbouring dreams of having their own house. This has resulted in great demand for residential real estate properties all over the world.

When the COVID 19 hit the world, the economy took huge damage. This made people break their assets into the things they desire the most: Real Estate. Hence, when all the other markets were collapsing due to the drop in the economy, the real estate industry continued to show positive results.

During the lockdown period of 2020, the commercial real estate business was in full bloom. However, there were still problems with real estate developers. After seeing the drop in the economy, banking sectors remove their support from real estate lending. This made the real estate industry accrue a significant loss.

But with some optimism, the real estate business came back on track with the REITs. This shows that the REITs’ future potential is vast and can become the next big thing in the real estate industry.

How Gold Performed In 2020?

The pandemic showed the real truth and the potential of fiat currencies. At the time of the crisis, people experienced that fiat currencies were of no use, this resulted in inflation. To solve this problem, investors and traders were looking for a solution. After a considerable amount of research, everyone came to one solution: Investing in Gold.

Gold has always been a safe keep for the people who want to invest their savings into something that will not lose its value over time. As soon as people became aware of this solution, they started investing the Gold.

This rise in demand for Gold in the market caused its price to jump by 28%. Experts believe that the price of the Gold will keep gaining forward momentum, and the way things stand now, it might even hit the $5000 mark.

How Bitcoin Performed in 2020?

We all have seen the historic rally of Bitcoin in 2017. The year when Bitcoin rose to its peak price evaluation and almost touched the $20,000 mark. Since then, Bitcoin is yet to show the same results. However, experts believe that history can repeat itself in 2021. There have been many coincidences similar to 2017. These coincidences have made the experts believe that Bitcoin might reach new heights by the end of 2021.

During the onset of the pandemic, Bitcoin values dropped to $3000. This is where people thought that it is about time for the crypto bubble to burst. However, to everyone’s surprise, this never happened; instead, the bitcoin price bounced back, hitting the highest price evaluation of $16,000.

Seeing how the price of Bitcoin is regularly increasing, we can hope that we will be able to see the same historic rally once again.

What Is 2021 Going to Be Like?

There you have it. Now you know how these three industries have performed in the last couple of months during the pandemic. After seeing their performance, people have become optimistic and hope that they will be able to see new heights in these industries.

Whether you have invested in Bitcoin, Gold, or Real Estates, one thing is certain that these industries will bloom for the next couple of years to come. To know more about their future possibilities, you can visit here


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