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Disclosure: Brought to you by and React Mobile. all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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ReactMobile App, the app that everyone needs to have available right at their fingertips. Having girls, I’m always worried about them while they are out and about even more now because I have a daughter who is away at college. Even to my nieces that are away, I worry about their safety too and my safety as wellbeing that I have a chronic injury that sometimes leave me vulnerable.

Well, that’s where React Mobile will come into play for us all. React Mobile is a great safety app created for everyone. It is designed to inform your loves ones or those who you care about as to where you are. It is a free service that you can register for today and you’ll be able to sign into the app from your phone.

There are so many great things you can do with this app, let’s say you want to take a stroll, or my daughter in college will be staying over a little longer in one of her college classes, all she would have to do is send a text to me or dad or any emergency contact she has listed, this will allow us to track her location via GPS. (it’s called the Follow Me feature…love it)! Once she leaves her class or while she’s out shopping this Holiday and returns home or back to dorm, she will only need to click the “I’m Safe” button and we would know where she is and that she’s safe. Awesome right!

She can even report emergencies and criminal activity with their geo-stamped group messaging capability. Being able to instantly text, email, Facebook friends and loved ones when something is wrong or maybe just fearful of something that do not appear to feel right is an awesome system to have access to.

Overall, I think React Mobile is a great investment app that we all should have. So many wonderful featured that might even save your life or someone you know. I’m glad to have been able to review this app and I’m happier that I shared it with my girls. Having access to their where abouts with this app will give us moms a piece of mind actually it will give everyone a piece of mind.

Visit today to download the app to your phone so you’ll never have to worry about your children’s location. Plus, you can call the police ASAP by using the React Mobile app

Disclosure: Brought to you by and React Mobile. all opinion expressed are 100% my own.


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  • This is a great app that every individual should have. Safety really matters.

  • Sounds like its worth getting the app if it can help save your life!


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