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5 Perfect, Gender-Neutral, Candy-Free Easter Basket Items 

Easter Sunday is right around the corner, and if you’re searching for a few candy-free Easter Basket items, let me share these five fantastic gift ideas with you. These gender-neutral, candy-free Easter basket products come from various companies, including FAO Schwartz, Walmart, Amazon, and Target.


This year I’m taking a less approach to add all that candy as I’ve done for many years. I want the kids to have an Easter Basket that is special even after the candy has been gone. I tell myself every year I don’t want any more plastic baskets, I want a suitable solid Easter Basket that we can pass down from sibling to sibling, and I found just that…an amazing, well-made Easter basket.

I want their Easter to be memorable and meaningful, so I think these five fillers will be great. Plus, I also need to stay on some reasonable spending level because Easter Basket candy and fillers can become so expensive!

So here are some items I’ve found to fill their Easter baskets to mark our celebration of Easter.

First, we have the Meri Meri Bunny Basket


  • This gorgeous straw bag has a sweet bunny face, a peach gingham cotton lining, fun floppy ears, and a cute pompom tail. 
  • It is perfect as an Easter basket or for any special occasion where an adorable accessory will add style.
  • Ages 3+ | $48.00 | FAO Schwarz, FAOschwarz.com, Target.com

Second, we have the FAO Schwarz Brown Bunny


  • The FAO Schwarz Brown Bunny Is the most classic way to spread Easter Joy. 
  • Soft fluffy plush featuring blue bow and orange footpad. 
  • 10-inch
  • Ages 3+ | $13.50 | target, target.com, FAO Schwarz, FAOschwarz.com

Third, we have  Jurassic Park CAPTIVZ Build N Battle 30th Anniversary Slime Egg 


  • Celebrate Jurassic Park’s 30th Anniversary with the exclusive release of CAPTIVZ Build N Battle dinos. 
  • This exclusive CAPTIVZ range will feature species from the original Jurassic Park movie and rare dinosaurs to chase, including the gold and amber baby velociraptor.
  • The most authentic release yet! 
  • Crack your egg, ooze through the stretchy amber slime to reveal your collectible species, then build to battle! Collect them all!  
    • Each Slime Egg contains: 
    • Build N Battle Dinosaur with epic paint detail  
    • Amber slime 
    • Collector guide 
    • Exclusive NEW Collector Card 
  • Ages 3+ | $4.99 | Walmart.com, Five Below

Forth one is the Readyland Books 


NEW A Trip to the Park with Rosie and Ricky

Readyland is a library of printed books that work with an Alexa device or the free Alexa smartphone app to create an immersive reading experience. Kids can actually talk with the characters, respond to questions, play games, choose songs and become part of the story, making reading even more magical.

Last, we have the Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection


Your Play-Doh creations will be bright and sparkly with the Sparkle Compound collection! You get six shiny, twinkly Sparkle Compound colors and two cutters to make flowers, gems, or other beauties. The only limit to your artistry is your own imagination!

Includes 2 cutters and 6 can of Play-Doh Sparkle Compound. Ages 3 and up. Notice to parents: Contains wheat. Nontoxic. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

You know, I had to purchase a few healthy snacks like Nature’s Garden Omega-3 Deluxe Nut Mix, Brach’s Desserts of the World Jelly Beans, and a bag of Hershey’s to add, but that is IT!!. Psssst, each of these treats is really for me! LOL

So, what about you, are you doing a Candy-Free Easter Basket? Or are you doing it up with lots of candy?

You can find all these items at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and FAOschwarz.com.


Welcome to the Night Helper Blog. The Night Helper Blog was created in 2008. Since then we have been blessed to partner with many well-known Brands like Best Buy, Fisher Price, Toys "R" US., Hasbro, Disney, Teleflora, ClearCorrect, Radio Shack, VTech, KIA Motor, MAZDA and many other great brands. We have three awesome children, plus four adorable very active grandkids. From time to time they too are contributors to the Night Helper Blog. We enjoy reading, listening to music, entertaining, travel, movies, and of course blogging.

16 thoughts on “5 Perfect, Gender-Neutral, Candy-Free Easter Basket Items 

  • These are so cute and adorable too. I know someone child would love this.

  • What a fun Easter basket! My kids are waiting for it and this one has great gift ideas!

  • Cutest easter basket ever! I absolutely love your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  • You definitely give me an idea of what to do or make for my kids and nieces’ Easter baskets.

  • These are all lovely products to include in Easter baskets. I’m so glad you had candy free options.

  • We’ll be out of town this year for Easter so I’m planning on getting their baskets together when we get there. I needed non candy ideas so thank you!

  • I love candy free options for Easter baskets for several reasons. One it eliminates a lot of the sugar and two they are little gifts that will keep the kids entertained long after the holiday.

  • I am all about that adorable basket! I personally love going ll out for my kids on Easter and some of these items are perfect! Thanks for sharing 😉

  • These are great Easter Basket ideas, and those read-along books are really useful for the little ones that are learning to read!

  • Wow! This is so perfect for easter! Kids are all going to love this for sure! Thanks for these awesome ideas

  • I love these ideas. I used to add play dough, sidewalk chalk, small toys, and of course a little bit of candy to their baskets.

  • I love all these great ideas. Those eggs would be great for my kids. They would really enjoy those. They sure do love slime.

  • I think my nephews and nieces will shun me if their baskets are candy-free lol!

  • Awesome ideas. Both my kids would like the Jurassic Park eggs!

  • These are some great ideas for candy free baskets and I will definitely be incorporating some of these ideas this year!

  • So many great gender neutral options here! I often struggle with finding new things to add to our baskets, so I appreciate the ideas.


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