Products That Make Payroll Easy!

Modern businesses are making vigorous efforts to lift the burden from the payroll department. Decreasing the department’s responsibilities can save the company money and provide a calm work environment. The following products can help increase payroll department efficiency and save the company money in the end:

Debit Cards for Employees

Prepaid payroll debit cards increase convenience for everyone involved. The payroll department does not have to process paper checks. Employees do not have to visit a check cashing institution. Instead, the money is on the employee’s card on payday. Card companies usually provide businesses with huge discounts for their bulk card orders.

Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric timekeeping clocks are the wave of the future as they can save the company money on payroll discrepancies. Businesses lose thousands of dollars per year on discrepancies that happen because of faulty machinery and employees who like to share their information. Biometric clocks are amazing because they keep the record of an employee’s unique fingerprint. Buddy punching, user ID lending and such practices cannot occur using the biometric technology. Biometric clocks save the company money because it does not have to invest in time cards, badges and other such products. The company just needs to invest in the clock and the payroll software that connects the clock to the employer’s computer system.

A large assortment of timekeeping clocks is available through some trusted providers. The Time Clock eShop is an example of a company that offers several biometric clock models. Business owners can choose clocks based on the company budget and the features that they most need and enjoy. Clocks can be as low as $500 or as high as several thousand dollars.

Online Faxing Service

A business fax machine cost an average of $250 for one unit. Then the company must invest in paper and other accessories to run the fax machine efficiently. Online faxing services can save the payroll department and the rest of the company money. Online fax providers usually provide their new customers with a free trial so they can see how the service works. Those companies no longer have to worry about paper because all faxes go out and come in by email delivery.


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