Pro-Tip: How to Have a Healthy Divorce?

Divorce is unavoidably unpleasant for some people. For a variety of reasons, this is how things will turn out. On the other hand, splitting up may be a painful process full of genuine loss and fantastic prospects for many people.

Australian Law Expert is based on fairness. For example, while dividing marital assets, the court considers both non-financial and financial contributions. In parenting disputes, the court looks out for the child’s best interests.

Here are some tips for maintaining and shielding your fragile peace amidst tumultuous times:

Commit To Moving Forward and Don’t Hold On To  Blames and Bitterness

When couples feel defeated in their attempts to establish mutual understanding, they frequently find it difficult to let go of the need and hope to be understood on their terms.

This is accompanied by a challenging combination of rage, embarrassment, and failure. The worst divorces are those that never truly end, in the sense that people continue to project their pain onto their ex-partner and blame them for their misery.

Instead, it is suggested that we concentrate on forgiveness. While it may appear unattainable at times, this is a therapeutic process that can result in a more complete and sometimes faster recovery. 

People can build a deep and meaningful post-divorce relationship with its beauty when they let go of blame and make way for mutual respect and compassion.

Trust but Confirm: Make a list of everything

No matter how nice things are, don’t expect either of you to remember or follow through on the arrangement. Put everything down in writing in a well-thought-out plan and agreement so that no one forgets or acts out. This is why choosing a mediator who is also a lawyer is such a good idea. 

The more specifics in the paper, especially when it comes to money and parenting, the better. Write it down if you reside in the same region and are okay with the non-custodial spouse or co-parent visiting during non-visiting periods or if you agree to a certain level of flexibility.

Consider How Others Related To You Have Been Affected

If you have children together, you will always be connected on some level despite being separated by the divorce law. Couples who are divorcing should recognise and accept that they can still be family despite their divorce. 

It may take some time to put bad sentiments aside. Still, it is far preferable to remain friendly than bitter adversaries for the sake of your children and the overall feeling of serenity among the chaos.

Experts agree that talking to a therapist about talking to your children about the changes is a good idea. It’s also a good idea for kids to talk to a counsellor about how they’re feeling at this difficult and sensitive period.

Try To Be Tougher Than Your Situations

If you’re lonely, depressed, or otherwise unhappy in your marriage, you should focus on yourself first. It is crucial to realize that even if this phase of your relationship is ending, you still care about this person. Apart from the restrictions enlisted in the divorce law, you may continue to be involved in each other’s life in the future if you have children together.

Some Things You Should Know About Divorces in Australia

  • You can file for divorce online and handle the paperwork on your own. However, by retaining legal counsel, you can ensure your rights’ protection.
  • There is a ‘no fault’ jurisdiction in Australian divorce law, which implies the divorce does not need the shifting of responsibility. Instead, the court will use the 12-month separation to determine if the marriage has irreversibly broken down.
  • Your new marital status is not deemed official for another month after you obtain your divorce certificate. So don’t get remarried right away — it will be called bigamy!
  • You must first attend a mediation session and obtain a certificate from your counsellor if you and your partner have been wedded for less than two years. Following that, conventional divorce procedures, including the 12-month separation period, are followed.

Lastly, Understand That There are no Shortcuts

There is no such thing as an instant or quick divorce, according to the Australian divorce law. Couples must have been separated for at least 12 months before filing for divorce. If there is a three-month or longer period of failed reconciliation, the 12-month separation period begins again. 

It usually takes at least four months, from when you file for divorce until you become divorced.

Lastly, Understand That There are no Shortcuts



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