5 Tips For Setting Up a Romantic Date Night In For Your Valentine

If you haven’t planned your date night for Valentine’s Day yet, and it’s too late to get a reservation anywhere now, don’t fret. The most romantic date night is the date-night-in, and that’s something you can arrange at the last minute quite easily. A date night at home is more intimate and allows you more creative freedom to be extra-thoughtful and surprising. Your Valentine will be impressed and touched when they see how you’ve transformed the home into a romantic oasis with lit candles, how you’ve cooked a thoughtful dinner complete with gourmet chocolates for dessert, and how you’ve set the table with a centerpiece of red roses. You can set the mood with the perfect background music, romantic lighting, and sexy scents using essential oil diffusers or scented candles. You should also think about some DIY projects or crafts to create heart-shaped decorations for your home. Below are 5 tips for setting up a romantic date-night-in for your Valentine:

  1. Candles, Candles, and More Candles

Buy tons of candles for your date-night-in, because the effect of multiple lit candles is going to be amazing. Candlelight is incredibly romantic lighting because it’s soft, flattering, and the flickering effect is simply dreamy. Your home won’t even look the same with rows and rows of lit candles – it’ll look like a romantic oasis. Make sure your home smells romantic, too, either by using candles with a seductive scent or by using an essential oil diffuser with a romantic scent.

  1. Gourmet Chocolates

A heart-shaped box of chocolates, or even just a box of decadent gourmet chocolates such as Royce Chocolates are the perfect addition to a date-night-in. The chocolates will pair nicely with that bottle of red wine, and they double as a great dessert after dinner. Chocolates are known for being an aphrodisiac. Phenylethylamine and Tryptophan, two chemicals found in most chocolate, are said to enhance the mood, create a sensation of euphoria, and heighten romantic urges once released into the human body. Since chocolate is known for having positive effects on the reward center of the brain, it’s definitely a good idea to buy some chocolates for your date night.

  1. Heart-Shaped Food

If you’re cooking dinner for your Valentine, why not cook something heart-shaped? It’s these special touches and fun surprises that make a date-night-in so special. You could buy your own pizza dough, pizza sauce, and fresh ingredients to make a gourmet pizza – and mold it into a heart shape. Alternatively, you can offer heart-shaped appetizers before dinner, or heart-shaped sides with dinner. If you’re cooking a nice steak or chicken breast for dinner, one of the sides could be heart-shaped potatoes, since it’s easy to cut potato slices into a heart shape before cooking them in the oven.

  1. Red Roses

The centerpiece of your dinner table should be red roses, since the red rose is an iconic symbol of love. You can use some of the fallen rose petals to sprinkle on the table, or sprinkle on your bed for an added romantic touch. It’s love month, so the symbol of love in the form of red roses should be everywhere. Even if you get very creative for your date night, and you want to be unique, this is one traditional symbol of romance that should be included.

  1. Create a Dance Floor

There are lots of ways you can modify the ambiance in your home to impress someone during a date-night-in, and one of the best things you can do is create a dance floor. Simply move some of the furniture around in your living room to create a dance floor. You can even outline a square-shaped, designated dance floor area with a square of those tiny fake candles. The small, battery-operated candle is safe to put on the floor and still emits a pretty candlelight glow. You could even hang soft, glowing string lights on your ceiling to create a beautiful atmosphere for your dance. Put on a romantic song, and ask your date to dance with you in your very own living room. It’s special moments like these that create an unforgettable experience.


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