Pre-Workout Supplements on the Keto Diet

Pre-workout supplements can be of great use for many active people. Those on the Keto diet can see even better results with the supplement as they need to replace the energy which is lost when they exclude carbohydrates from the diet.

So are these pre-workouts any different to regular supplements? If the main ingredients are the same, there are plenty of ingredients which can be specifically selected for the Keto diet. This includes BHB salts or MCT oil according to


Top ingredients to consider in pre-workouts for the Keto diet

When it comes to the ingredients which are selected for optimum performance, there are many options to consider. However, not all solutions can represent the viable option you need on such a restrictive diet. It goes without saying that carbs in large amounts are not recommended for your pre workout on keto diet.

Ingredients for energy

Ketogenic pre-workout ingredients can be split into energy-based and Keto-specific. If you’re on a keto or low carb diet, you can still achieve the kind of energy level that you wanted by taking energy boosting supplements.   This is why it is important to understand the differences between them and to make the most when you have the opportunity to choose a product which can support your activity level.

Beta Alanine

Amino acids are among the best ingredients in pre-workouts. There are essential and non-essential amino acids. But Beta Alanine represents one of the most recommended solutions when it comes to energy. This is why it is important to know that you can find great results when it comes to energy with this amino acid only if it comes in a larger concentration. But it also works very well with other energy-boosting ingredients and this is why it also represents one of the most popular choices for many pre-workouts.

It is usually measured in grams and you can even see products which come with up to 6 grams of Beta Alanine per serving. Together with Citrulline, it represents one of the viable options to consider, especially when it comes to better overall results with sustainable energy for the entire duration of a workout.


Since one of the aims of the Keto diet is to make you lose weight, many brands can also offer ingredients to support this purpose. There are many such ingredients but few as interesting as L-Carnitine. The amino acids are known to be one of the few ingredients which are used to boost fat loss while not increasing muscle loss.

It also comes with added energy as well and this makes it a top ingredient in pre-workouts. But Carnitine also comes with impressive cognition benefits which make it a unique and versatile ingredient which can further your weight loss efforts, especially in combination with physical activity.


Although not a base ingredient, Creatine can actually benefit those on the Ketogenic diet further. It comes to improve strength and recovery which are crucial areas when you are low on glucose. Creatine is also very versatile as it improves available cellular energy in time as well. Since it is not expensive to source, it can also be used in different products aimed at the general population.

The Keto diet can come with a loss of strength, especially during the first days. While Creatine doesn’t come with immediate results, it represents one of the viable options to consider for many people who want to improve their overall health and diet results.


Caffeine is not a top ingredient in Keto pre-workouts for a simple reason. They can typically be consumed together with a cup of coffee and in this case, you will not need the extra caffeine. But there still are many products which consider the ingredient which can offer good results in terms of energy and focus.

Since there are various dosages to consider, you need to know that the lower dosages of caffeine are recommended for those who already consume coffee on a daily basis.


Vitamins often get overlooked in pre-workout supplements. While they are not as popular with regular pre-workouts, those on the Keto diet might need special attention when it comes to a good vitamin intake. It is here that you will have the ability to ensure that you still have a healthy metabolism once the diet is over as well. Furthermore, it can also be recommended to look for the options which allow you a great overall result with a balanced intake of micronutrients as well. The good news is that some of the premium sources of vitamins can also come with improved absorption rates as well. Some of the lower-end vitamins might even come from fully synthetic sources and their benefits are debatable.

Keto ingredients

Keto-specific ingredients include BHB salts and healthy fats. They are both important and they are made to cater to the specific needs of those on the diet. While there are many variations of these ingredients as well, the BHB salts and the MCT oil are among the popular choices.

BHB salts

Among the top ingredients to consider, BHB salts can come to enhance your ketosis. Dissolved quickly, they can increase the ketone levels in the blood and they can thus represent a viable option when it comes to better energy levels in the absence of glucose.

MCT oil

MCT or medium chain triglycerides oil is made from coconuts and it represents one of the leading sources of healthy fats which are also easy to absorb. It thus represents a viable option for all Ketogenic pre-workouts as it helps you reach your daily fats intake and as it can also be used for energy.

The pre-workouts supplements for the Keto diet thus represent a viable option for many people and it can be among the leading options when it comes to good health as well. This is the case for most people as it allows you to focus better on your workouts which will lead to better results with calorie burning as well. Since there are so many options to consider, you can also choose a solution which comes with a certain flavor or selection of flavors to make the entire process much more enjoyable.  


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