Practical Advice for Your First Relationship

Being in a relationship for the first time can be exciting yet overwhelming.

If you’ve just embarked on this fascinating journey, here are some practical tips for smooth sailing.

  1. Nobody’s Perfect

You are both individuals with some shortcomings. Learn to look beyond imperfections. 

No one should change themselves just because they’re in a relationship. 

Stay true to your individuality, so your partner loves you for who you are and would be reluctant to let you go!

  1. Don’t Be Too Inquisitive…  

Yes. It’s written in every “First Date Rule Book”, right?

Still, it’s worth reminding yourself. 

Your first relationship, especially the first few months can be very sensitive. Don’t try to find out everything about the other person in the first few dates, at least not by making them answer a questionnaire!

  1. … Or Over-Possessive

You might be so smitten by love; you’d never want to let your partner out of sight.

But don’t end up being that maniac. Please! 

  1. … Or Over-guarded

Ok, so you’re new to relationships. It’s alright to tread slowly and take time to know your partner well. 

Still, it’s not cool to lead the Secret Life of Walter Mitty once you’re dating.

Get out of your dream world. Share your secrets. Spend enough time with your partner. 

Otherwise, the other person will think it’s a one-sided relationship.

  1. … Or a Control Freak

This one’s a no-brainer! 

If you think you’re the boss of your partner’s life, your relationship is pretty much doomed. 

  1. Get Over Texting

We understand that texting is instrumental in getting your crush to say YES for the first date. But put a downtime to texting sooner than later.

If you’ve got to talk about anything serious or significant, meet them face-to-face.

And nope, facetime doesn’t count unless you’re in a long-distance relationship.

  1. Honesty is the Best Policy

You won’t get an award for being honest in the relationship. It’s just that dishonesty is outrageous!

Don’t hide. Don’t lie. Period.

  1. You Will Have Fights

Your relationship isn’t the charm of a love potion. 

Don’t paint a picture of a lovey-dovey couple. That reputation will be hard to keep up.

All couples have fights. And so will you!

  1. Making Up Should Be a Balancing Act

So, you can’t get disagreements out of the love equation. But you can balance it with a forgiving attitude. 

If you think your partner is wrong, try to work on a settlement rather than making situations worse by playing a blame game.

If you’re wrong, accept your fault and make up for it. 

  1. Respect Each Other’s Space

It’s important to honor the other person’s privacy in a relationship. 

Some boundaries are vital for a healthy relationship. And it’s best to discuss them clearly from the very start.

  1. Trust, But Don’t Be Blinded by Love

Trust is indeed what keeps any relationship going despite all odds. But be careful, blind trust can make you too vulnerable. 

There’s no way to define how to work the right proportion of trust in a relationship. You’ll have to find the middle ground. Slowly build more trust as the relationship grows stronger.

  1. Remember, You Have Other People in Your Life Too

Cutting-off all connections with your old pals because you have a lover is foolish.

You’ll need your friends and family around. Always. 

  1. Don’t Dream About the Future

Don’t be overambitious about the relationship. Don’t anticipate too much for the future, not just yet!

A few years into the relationship, you and your partner will be in a better position to make decisions for the future.

  1. Don’t Mix Up Your Priorities

Your relationship is one aspect of your life. Don’t let it overshadow other things like studies and a career.

Striking a balance between love and other priorities is something you’ll have to learn as you go.

  1. Your First Love May Not Be Forever

From romantic novels to movies, the universe is rooting for your relationship. Or so you think!

Live in the moment. Enjoy the relationship. But if things aren’t going well, you’re better off on your own.

One Last Thing

Like many first experiences, your first relationship will open a new world to you. It will teach you a few lessons in mutual respect and make you wiser.

While sometimes it will be all fun and games, there may be times when you’ll feel confused. 

Your partner is probably going through the same. 

Share your feelings. A warm conversation over some coffee will make you both feel much better!


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14 thoughts on “Practical Advice for Your First Relationship

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  • Relationships can be so complicated. I wish I knew what I do now, when I was younger!

  • Such great tips here for dating to start and I am bookmarking this one for my daughter to check out 😉

  • Communication is vital in a relationship. And respect should be present too, not just love.

  • Straight to the point. This is so true! It took a lot of time to understand that!

  • These are wonderful tips for a first relationship. Lots of mistakes were made with my first but that is a part of growing and learning.

  • I think this is a really solid list of Do’s and Don’ts and can apply to any romantic relationship, not just the first and not just for the start of it!!!

  • Communication and honesty from the start is so important, just like any relationship. Such great tips!

  • I never thought I would ever have to date again. But after my marriage ended, I found myself again and hope to one day find someone to spend the rest of my life with.

  • These are all really nice and great advice. Making sure you know how to respect each other is really important.

  • I think this is all really good advice. Great for anyone going in to a new relationship.

  • You do have some great advice here. You never want to be too needy or possessive, that’s for sure.

  • Being honest is important in any relationship. Trusting isn’t always easy and you do need to be careful as not everyone is what they present themselves as.

  • Communication is key! That is what I told my son with his first relationship.


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