Pimp My Ride: how to make your car better

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If you want to improve your car – this article is for you – goodbuytoday. No matter how good your car is, you can always make it even better. “Pump” does not interfere even a completely new car. And for this, it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars and carry out very complex technical “operations”. It will be enough to make relatively simple changes to the factory settings. And upgrade some components.

Let’s look at more serious improvements.

Pick the best tires

A selection of tires that are optimal for your car is the easiest thing you can do. And tires can be chosen independently. The main thing is to clearly understand what you expect from the “rubber”.

If you need good maneuverability and high dynamic performance, then choose the so-called high-speed tires. They can be identified by a special index – speed.

The main advantage of the high-speed tire is that it behaves well at high speed and during maneuvers. However, there are such tires and disadvantages. They do not cope well with a wet and broken road.

Give the motor more air

The car, as a human being. For productive work, he needs oxygen. To provide additional airflow into the engine, there is a special device – cold inlet. It allows you to immediately improve two indicators:

  • increase engine power;
  • reduce fuel consumption.

Installation of the cold inlet is better to entrust experts. Although in general, the procedure does not imply serious interference with the “body” of the car.

Change the exhaust system

If your motor is able to “inhale” more air, then you need to take care that it can “exhale” it. And for this, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the exhaust system.

“Pumping” the exhaust will increase the efficiency of the motor. And if you have a motor with a turbine, the tuning will facilitate the work of the turbocharger.

When replacing the exhaust system as a whole, or its elements, it is also better to consult with experts who will select the best option for your particular car model.

Update brakes

Good brakes – one of the main indicators of car handling. Here you can restrict tuning of brake pads, or “bleed” the brake system completely. Alternatively, you can replace the calipers with larger ones to increase the braking surface.

However, when replacing elements of the brake system is also better to consult with experts.

Pumped audio system

A beautiful subwoofer in the trunk with multiple speakers will completely transform your car, and besides, it will sound good music. Ideally, this should be a special low-frequency speaker – a subwoofer connected to a separate channel. A further increase in the number of speakers will affect not only the sound quality but also the best audibility at different points in the cabin.


New audio, spectacular wheels, the interior of Alcantara, and even banal polishing. All these simple tricks can make your car look more expensive than it really is.


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