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Piddle Place Pet Relief System Review.

piddle place

If you’re the parent of a dog or puppy you already know that accidents happen, and it’s not just young ones that have “oopsy” moments— older dogs can and do as well.

When you get a new puppy it can take weeks or even months to housebreak them so they “go” strictly outdoors. And with some dogs, they may never learn that the carpet or tile in your home is NOT a potty. It happens and it sure can be frustrating!

It took me 6 months to fully potty train our little Pomeranian doggy Skye and in the process our floors collected quite a bit of piddle and poo. ICK! We tried those expensive wee wee pads but she just never took to them. I guess the carpet was much more ap-pee-ling and of course absorbent. haha! Sure I laugh about it now but back then I was more than frustrated and I know she was too.

Now that Skye is older (12 years to be exact) she’s slowly either forgetting where she’s supposed to “go” or she’s losing bladder control. Poor little old lady! But of course I’m trying to be more than patient and understanding given her age, yet I have to try and save my flooring as well. She’s only had a few accidents but I know as she continues to age, those oopsies will happen more frequently.


Thank goodness I now have the Piddle Place Pet Relief System— it’s a lifesaver of sorts. And just what IS the Piddle Place? Think of it as indoor ‘turf’ for your pup or in other words something along the lines of a litter box for dogs.

No, it doesn’t contain messy litter that gets tracked throughout your home like kitty’s place, it’s much more contained and a lot more hygienic.


  • Fast & easy drainage into lower reservoir
  • Washable grass-like ‘turf’- porous & drains well
  • Drainage valve for zero contact with pet waste
  • Bio-enzyme sprays to keep bacteria and odor eliminated
  • Snap-on top cover for easy transport & emptying
  • Optional splash guard for male dogs who leg-lift

The patented groove and drainage system allows the porous grass-like turf mat to sit high above the reservoir so your pets paws stay dry and urine flows neatly into the drain and finally into the storage reservoir.

Disclaimer: These products were received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

Cleaning and maintaining the Piddle Place makes emptying spill-free. The quick-drain spout eliminates the need to touch those wet, messy puppy pads when tossing them in the garbage. And there’s no scooping in a litter box, so no spills. The valve is easy to open and creates a water tight seal when its closed. Once you’re ready to dump your pups waste, you can do so directly in your toilet.

A spray or two of the odor-busting Bio-enzyme treatment, as well as the Bio-plus concentrate keep the turf and reservoir sanitary and smelling fresher and easier to live with.


The Piddle Place is made of a sturdy molded plastic that’s manufactured right here in the USA. And you’ll be happy to know this awesome product can hold over 100 pounds of weight. Lengthwise, it’s perfect for dogs under 28 inches. The Piddle Place measures 19″ x 30″ and is 1.5 inches in height.

For best results it’s recommended that you drain the Piddle Place at least once per week though it holds up to one gallon of waste.

The Piddle Place is the ultimate indoor pet toilet that’s attractive, portable, compact and eco-friendly!

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Disclaimer: These products were received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.



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