Picking the right color gold for your colored gemstone and center diamond in your engagement ring

Your engagement ring is the most precious jewel that you adore for the entire life. The significance and emotional connect with the ring makes it boost its value to another level. There is no chance that you would compromise or ignore any aspect while selecting such a special thing in your life. Both material and gemstone/diamond are of great importance individually, their combination is also crucial in making a decision. You have to pay attention to the kind of material that would coordinate the best with a given stone. Rose gold is versatile and blends with a vast variety of stones which is why choosing rose gold engagement rings are a safe choice. However, making a more specific selection gives it a personal touch. Here is a guide to assist you to pick a color of gold that synchronizes with the diamond/gemstone the best.

  • Choosing the right color gold for diamond

For a diamond engagement ring, the diamond is the star and the metal mounting is the backdrop of the show. There are several kinds of diamonds that are classified on a GIA D – to – Z color scale. D grade diamond is the most colorless and most expensive and the Z grade is least expensive with an apparent shade of light brown or yellow. The facets of the diamond act as a mirror and reflect the color of the gold. Therefore by choosing the right color of gold, you can enhance the diamond on your ring.

  • For diamond D through J

On the GIA color scale, diamonds D to F are considered completely colorless and those in the range of G to J are nearly colorless. Pairing white gold with these diamonds is a great way to enhance their look and help them grab the spotlight.

  • For diamonds M and lower

Diamonds that are of grade M and lower have an evident hint of yellowish shade. Yellow gold enhances this yellow shade and draws the attention towards it. If you are a fan of colorless diamonds, You can go for a lower grade diamond and pair it with white gold to get an almost colorless look.

  • Rose gold for a wide range

Rose gold is extremely versatile and goes well with almost all kinds of diamonds. You can combine it with the diamonds from D to L grades to pop the colors or with M to Z grades for a soft and elegant look.

  • Tips for choosing the right gold color for colored gemstone

Colored gemstones are contemporary, vibrant, and hot. These are preferred by the modern age women. While you can choose the color of gold and gemstone according to your personality and character, the variety of combinations can leave you stumped. Here are some tips you can use to make your decision.

  • The most popular and exciting way to enhance the color pops is the use of white gold.
  • Cool white gold is perfect sync for cool gemstones like blue sapphire and tanzanite.
  • The warmth of rose and yellow gold coordinates well with the warm gemstones like imperial topaz and ruby.

There are several ways you can pair diamonds and gemstones with your gold engagement ring. You can choose the standards designs or play with a combination of gold colors based on your choice.



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