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Overcome Low Self Esteem Now.

How many people are living unfulfilled lives? To have a fear of failure is commonplace, but how do you overcome it?


Let’s face it we all put off doing things for different reasons. Sometimes, we simply just don’t want to do something. Other times, there are reasons hidden deep in our psyche. The most common reason of all of these is fearing you aren’t quite good enough, or smart enough to do whatever the task in hand is.


Low self esteem is something that almost everyone suffers from at one time or another. Often the loudest, brashest people in the room are the most insecure. Appearing to be a confident extrovert is a method some people with low self esteem use. Those who don’t think too highly of themselves may also or pick on others. Projecting their insecurities onto others, they may not even realize how awful they are being.


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So what can you do to overcome low self esteem?

 Be Mindful

 When you think about your fears in a mindful way, you can recognize how you respond and react to your negative emotions. Learning to see the warning signs can help you be proactive. You can teach yourself to change how you feel from fear into positivity.

 Put On Your Game Face

 Put on your make up. Brush your hair. Groom yourself. You’d be surprised at how much these simple steps will help make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes the simplest tips are the ones that help you the most.

 Live in the Present

 Don’t spend time harking back to the past. That time has gone now, there’s nothing you can do about it. Fact. Don’t spend unnecessary time worrying about the future. Unless you can make a difference to a situation then and there, there’s not much point in worrying about it. Take advice from the wise words from the experts at


Find the Root of the Problem

 The root of your low self esteem may not be one single thing. Past Experiences, insecurities and other problems can all play the part in making you feel inadequate. If you know what the problem is do what you can to overcome it

 Is the Problem Looking Straight at You in The Mirror?

Low self esteem is one of the reasons many people seek to change elements of their appearance. Is the problem a physical one? If you need to lose a few pounds, then you can try and lead a more healthy lifestyle. That’ll help boost your mood, too. If it’s something you can’t change by exercise alone, you’re not alone. The Doctors at see a lot of people with low self esteem. They say it is one of the main reasons people seek cosmetic surgery. 

 Be Kind to Yourself

 Take time out to treat yourself. You are your own worst critic, and you’re really not that bad! Make a list of your good points. It might feel weird at first but you’ll learn to recognize the good in yourself. If you feel depressed or can’t seem to see the wood for the trees, see your Doctor. Low self esteem often goes in hand with depression and anxiety. there’s a useful quiz over at It’s is no substitute for a medical professional but could help.  Look after yourself!


Have you got any tips to boost your self esteem? Have you overcome your fears? Leave your story in the comments below!


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  • I think Lisa did a great job on this article. It’s quite common for people to have low self esteem. We see it daily unfortunately.

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