Outdoor Lighting!!!

It’s so important to make sure your home has good “outdoor lighting“! I love going over to visit my oldest sisters home, she has a very large home with many colorful lights surrounding every corner. It’s so easy to see her address because she has a great spotlight that sits right at the address label even though the street is dark when you come to her entry section you can view her address numbers very well.

This year she had a summer Hawaiian Luau party in her backyard and the seating area was so sophisticated with all the elegant decorations and outdoor lighting. Her yard is extremely large with a pool and a three tier closed in deck with two comfortable sofa beds. They’re very soft and cozy especially when it’s one of those days when the weather gets cool. I think all the kids love it more since that spot is always lit up, she even has beautiful outdoor lighting around the pool. That’s a must for her since she still has little kids, it is well lit and adds that extra safety for the kids and the family.

One thing I can say about her home is not only is it cozy with the all the colorful lights she has surrounding the closed in deck, it’s comfortable too!! I think outdoor lighting is so important for so may reasons, it generates light in areas you sometimes can’t see, like your home address. It helps to protect your surrounding areas, outdoor lighting can add such beauty to any home decor and entertaining space.

Even though summer has come to an end, she will remain to have her home lit up with her fall outdoor lighting.  She changes the light bulbs according to each season, how cool is that!!  Can’t wait to see her home for the Winter Season….I’m sure it will be lit up with the usually green and red colors.


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  • I think your blog is pretty good, i found it from a good collegue of mine from USA

  • Having good outdoor lighting will make your home more visible at night. Shopping for this kind of lights is a lot better when you do it online.


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