Must-See Attractions For Travelers Staying In Fremantle

Fremantle is one of the top tourist destinations in Western Australia. Situated along the coast of the Indian Ocean, this port city is home to several local attractions – there are various historical places, a number of beautiful beaches, art galleries and musical venues at every corner, and it is also full of friendly and hospitable people that make the trip significantly better. Better known as Freo to its residents, this city offers a lot of scenic and historic tourist spots that cause millions of people to visit and immerse in the multicultural environment every year.

If you are planning to visit and spend a few days in Fremantle, here are some suggestions on the top attractions in the city so you can better schedule your itinerary.

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison should be at the top of your list when you go sightseeing in Freo, especially since it’s famous for being the only listed World Heritage site in all of Western Australia. Built in the 1850s, Fremantle Prison was initially constructed to hold prisoners from Britain, although over time it started taking in local prisoners as well. Stretching out to more than 15 acres of solitary cells, gallows and prison walls, this structure served as a place for incarceration for over 150 years, and the fact that it remains widely undamaged up to now is a testament to both the building’s construction details and the country’s careful preservation of its history.

Now that the prison only serves as a tourist spot, some of its buildings have been restored and modified to better serve tourists. The prison now has its own galleries so that visitors can learn more about its history, and a performance venue was also created for entertainment purposes. There are tour guides that can take you on a journey through the prison’s labyrinths of tunnels, or you can opt for a boat tour through the water tunnels instead.

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbor

A lot of people enjoy going to the city’s fishing boat harbor, be it tourists or local residents. With more than 200 recreational and commercial pens and facilities for different types of fishing vessels, which also includes a number of jets and wharves, the harbor is a great place for fishing enthusiasts to visit. There are several activities available for the adventurer in you, from laid-back tasks like a sunset cruise or slow boating to deeper under the water pursuits like guided snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also set sail on a deluxe edition catamaran to get that luxurious feel while treading the waters.

Aside from the water activities, the port is also flocked for the city’s local seafood produce, with several restaurants serving different styles of cooking for fresh fish, shrimp and other seafood. You can choose to eat at the esplanade to get a more oceanic vibe, or you can chill at the waterfront and eat while observing maritime life.

The Round House

Designed in 1831 by Henry Wiley, the Round House is Western Australia’s oldest standing building, automatically making it a must-see for history fans. The Round House, which was initially built to serve as a prison, got its name from the way it was designed. The twelve sides of the building were set up to come together at a central courtyard, wherein the jailer would take residence and therefore have full surveillance of all areas of the prison from the centre position. However, the eventual construction of the Fremantle Prison meant that the Round House wouldn’t be carrying the prisoners anymore, so it was instead converted into a residential area for the chief of the colony.

Since being opened to the public as a tourist attraction, the Round House currently serves as a facility for special events and other functions.

Fremantle Markets

Set within a rustic warehouse, the Fremantle markets serve a great assortment of food, clothes, gadgets and other souvenirs, perfectly embodying the multicultural setting of the city. Here you can find local food suppliers as well as arguably the best street food in Western Australia. The night market is especially livelier, with street performances to increase the crowd draw. Just be sure to schedule your visit, as the markets are only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

South Beach

Of course, a trip to Fremantle wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the beach. South Beach is just one of many beautiful beaches the city has to offer, but it’s among the more famous choices due to its tranquil spots and great sunset views. You can go swimming, surfing, or skinny-dipping at the beach, or you can also just relax and sit by the shoreline with your family and friends. The relaxing aura of the crystal-clear waters can be quite a soothing and therapeutic experience.

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