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MONSTER HIGH THE MOVIE Available on DVD August 15, 2023

When the movies for the MONSTER HIGH dolls were released, we had to see them because my daughters have always been a great admirer. You know, these fashion dolls have had a significant influence on our household; my daughters own many Monster High dolls, doll accessories, backpacks, socks, and other Monster High Doll products.

So, when we saw there was a new live-action movie musical based around these MONSTER HIGH dolls we had to watch it! The girls enjoyed it, and it was sooooo cool how they made this into a live action movie.  I like how they were able to embrace their school journey with adventure, and the actors were actually really good, and portrayed their characters very well. The music was cute, and we were impressed by the energetic dancing performances. The film had memorable songs, a compelling plot, and unmistakably set up for a sequel. Overall, I think your whole family will love this film—children and adults!


Synopsis: The Monster High The Movie! is a live-action movie musical based on the iconic Monster High franchise about the children of famous monsters and creatures follows Clawdeen Wolf, a special mix of human and werewolf, as she finally experiences a sense of belonging at Monster High for the first time in her life. When the school senses an impure heart it’s up to Clawdeen and her newfound community to save the school! Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the halls of Monster High!

Monster High The Movie will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment on August 15, 2023, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

Monster High The Movie synopsis:
Monster High The Movie follows Clawdeen Wolf, who is human and werewolf, after she arrives at her new school, Monster High. She quickly makes friends with her classmates Frankie Stein and Draculaura, and for the first time in her life, Clawdeen feels like she has finally found a place where she fits in and can truly be herself. When a devious plan to destroy Monster High emerges, Clawdeen must learn to fully embrace her true identity and find a way to save the day.

Monster High The Movie fast facts:
Street Date: August 15, 2023
Catalog: 191329251669 (US)
Audio: Dolby Digital English 5.1
US Rating: Not Rated
US M.S.R.P.: $10.99

About Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon, now in its 44th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The brand includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, location-based experiences, publishing and feature films. For more information or artwork, visit http://www.nickpress.com. Nickelodeon is a part of Paramount’s (Nasdaq: PARA, PARAA) global portfolio of multimedia entertainment brands.
About Paramount Home Entertainment 
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About Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Paramount (NASDAQ: PARA, PARAA), a leading global media and entertainment company that creates premium content and experiences for audiences worldwide. Paramount Pictures controls a collection of some of the most powerful brands in filmed entertainment, including Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, and Paramount Players. PPC operations also include Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Licensing Inc., and Paramount Studio Group.


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18 thoughts on “MONSTER HIGH THE MOVIE Available on DVD August 15, 2023

  • This sounds like a fun movie for kids and teens alike. My nieces would enjoy watching it, for sure.

  • while my daughter never had a monster high phase, i do have nieces and nephews too who enjoy this so will let them know

  • This does look like a great movie for kids- and finally, with this post I find out about a Nickelodeon release.

  • Sounds like a great movie! Thank you so much for the good recommendation.

  • My niece is a big fan of this, and I can’t wait to tell her about this. I am sure she will be happy knowing this,

  • wow! My daughters will be happy to hear that! Maybe will organize a girl movie night soon!

  • I got quite into the animated monster high movies when watching them with my daughters. I’m hoping they’ll want to watch this one with me. It sounds like a really fun movie.

  • Great news about Monster High The Movie DVD release! Your announcement is short and sweet, creating excitement for fans. Looking forward to grabbing a copy and enjoying the spooky fun. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! 🎬👻📀

  • Oh wow, sounds like a great movie to me. I cannot wait to watch it with my kids!

  • My kids loved these dolls growing up and will for sure love this movie! I will have to grab it!

  • My daughters and I loved this movie. It was really good.

  • This sounds like a fun movie. My daughter would enjoy it!

  • You had me when you said Monster High. My daughter recently discovered this, and this movie is on her list.

  • My daughter used to be into the animated Monster High. I wonder if she’ll like this version.

  • My daughter used to love Monster High when she was younger! So fun, and nice to know they are coming out with some more movies.

  • This one looks like another fun movie, I’ll have to check it out with the younger grand kids!

  • My daughter would love to see this movie. She did love playing with the dolls.

  • This looks like a great movie for kids! I am sure my daughter will enjoy it.


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