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Matte Foundation and Why it Can Work for You

Tips for Wearing Matte Foundation


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Makeup can be a complicated thing if you don’t know what you are doing. But the great thing is you can make up (excuse the pun) your own rules as you go along. Another thing that makes makeup a challenge is the different types of makeup, eyeshadow, bronzer, matte foundation, eye pencil, and more. Now, if you’ve grown up with an older sister or mom who wears makeup, chances are they have given you solid advice but let’s take a closer look at wearing matte foundation.

 What is matte foundation?

Matte foundation is a type of makeup that is formulated to even your skin tone as well as reduce shine. It does come in a few different forms; powders, liquids, and creams. What’s great about the matte foundation is that it’s typically oil-free that allows it to set quickly and last for a full day. This is particularly great for people with oily skin, as well as anyone with acne. On the other hand, people with dry or mature skin should avoid using matte foundation altogether – if they do, wrinkles and dry patches might be highlighted more.

Tips for wearing foundation

Tip one: Prep your precious skin
Before you apply any makeup, you need to ensure you prepare your skin first. Now, there are many ways in which you can prep your skin, but you need to think about sun protection, moisturizer, the texture of your skin, imperfections, and the final makeup look. Firstly, wash your face with your daily face wash and dry carefully. Then, apply your moisturizer but ensure it has a sun protection formula (SPF) of 30 and more. You want to make sure your face is clean while also protecting it from the sun. Next up is primer. Moisturizer and primer go hand in hand to give the foundation the push it needs to deliver an all-day flawless look.

Do not underestimate the importance of good old skin prep. You want to ensure you get the finish and the longevity you’re after and this is mission-critical when it comes to matte foundation because if not applied correctly, it can typically ruin your makeup look. To give your matte foundation the support it needs and because it is oil-based, use a water-charged moisture gel because it has a fast-absorbing formula that works great for oily skin. If you have dry skin, opt for something that contains essential oils that will give your skin the much-needed hydrating boost it needs.


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Tip number two: Use the correct tool to apply your foundation
Makeup does not always need to be applied with a brush, however, when you do use a brush, you need to ensure you use the correct one. For matte foundation, opt for a firm foundation brush as it does all the work for you. But if you do not have a foundation brush on hand, use the back of your hand or a palette.

Tip number three: Use powder to set your foundation
Many people use powder as additional coverage alongside foundation to help in areas where you need it most or even when your makeup needs a touch-up. To keep the shine to a minimum, apply powder to your T-zone and voila, it minimizes shine. And while you are using a matte foundation and you have oily skin; the powder will act as a mattifier as well and smooth out areas on your face AND keep the oil at bay.

Tips on how to apply matte foundation to elevate your entire look

We learned above that to apply your matte foundation you need to have moisturized and have a clean face. Here are the next steps in applying your foundation.

The age-old question of adding primer or not comes up for many people, whether you are a pro or amateur makeup artist. The trick is always to understand what works best for your skin as there is no one size fits all, fortunately. Each of us has unique skin and while we can make recommendations it is ultimately up to you to find and use the most suitable makeup possible. Right, back to the primer. Use an anti-shine primer for hotspots prone to shine like your forehead as it will prolong the matte foundation for all-day wear.

It’s all in the application
Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to apply foundation to your entire face. The area you are meant to apply from is the center of your face and move outward. So, start in the center of your face, then move onto your cheeks and slowly blend it all out. Because the mouth is sometimes prone to looking yellow, you can also apply a foundation around your mouth to ensure it always looks natural. Professional makeup artists also suggest not to apply foundation to your nose as it can often look unnatural. Another tip is within the application itself. Never paint your foundation on, always buff it. This will avoid any bumps on your skin and give you a smooth finish.


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The sun plays a role
Matte foundation comes with many perks in that it eliminates the shine. But another way to elevate the foundation as well as advance your full face of makeup is with a highlighter. Blend highlighter into the high plains of the face to catch some lovely natural light – think your cheekbones and temples.

End off your look, right
Right, you’ve applied your matte foundation, highlighter, and primer. Now it’s time to clear up any excess oil, yes even though the products you’ve used are giving you oil-free vibes, you still need to blot out some of the last oil. Once you are done blotting out the remaining oil, seal your foundation and prevent unwanted sheen with a translucent powder. Voila, you now have even-toned flawless skin ready for the next steps in your makeup process.




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