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Make Your Home More Accessible For Disabled People in 5 Easy Steps


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In this modern age, we have all learned how to be more considerate to each other. Well, not all of us; those with a sense of common decency. In some cases, political correctness has gone mad, but when it comes to our disabled friends or family, nothing is  a step too far.

If you have ever had an operation or broken leg you have already found that being wheelchair bound for a day or two, as long as you are not in too much pain, is actually quite good fun. Stay in that chair for a few weeks, as I have, and your outlook changes. Getting about and carrying out the simplest tasks suddenly becomes a mountain to climb. Often, because people  don’t complain, we forget how difficult life can be.

It is only common courtesy that, if we have a friend or relative that is disabled, we make changes to our home where they are needed. Here’s five things you can do that may help.


Doorsteps are a major hurdle for many wheelchair users. Yes, we have all seen the Olympic games where competitors hurtle around on two wheels, but so many people aren’t able to. Ramps can make a huge difference to visitors. They don’t even need to be permanent structures, though it is better if they are. The ramps can be constructed using decking timber or any material that would be used to build a garden patio. Ideally there will be a ramp by the front and back door.


For less than a thousand pounds you can allow your friend to go upstairs in a dignified way. Modern stair lifts are fitted in only a few hours and come in great modern designs that will match and decor. There is no excuse,  get a stair lift baltimore md to provide easier access to all levels of your home.


Fit rails by the toilet, bath, shower and anywhere else you feel necessary. Consider making the sink more accessible by lowering it a little. Bathroom sinks come in all shapes and sizes these days, so there is no reason you can’t reduce the height. A non-slip flooring product is a good idea for anyone, so the risk of slipping can be eliminated too. Turning your bathroom into a wet room is a fairly big project but it provides free access for a wheelchair user to use the shower.


Consider having the internal doorways that the wheelchair needs to travel through widened. It is not as big a job as you may think, and a builder would easily be able to do one a day. Maybe you won’t need to alter all of the doors.


Obviously, the height of the units is the main problem in the kitchen. Would you consider lowering the breakfast bar so that you could all eat together? I’m sure you don’t need to sit on tall stools.


Your guest may be a sufferer of arthritis so consider changing the taps in your kitchen, and bathroom for that matter, to lever taps. I can tell you from personal experience that such a simple adaptation makes the world of difference.

As you can see from my five top tips, being a little more considerate doesn’t mean moving the earth. You never know, you may need the adaptations yourself one day. Look upon them as an investment.


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4 thoughts on “Make Your Home More Accessible For Disabled People in 5 Easy Steps

  • The home we live in now is not at all accessibility friendly, but when we buy/build our second home, our plan is to design it so it is more friendly.

  • Im sure it isnt easy to get around when you have limited mobility! There seems to be stairs going to everything. Great tips, thankyoU!

  • Great tips! These would definitely help make your home more accessible.

  • i hope no one ever needs to use this, but it’s great to know if you do!


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