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Make Your Dream Kitchen with These Beautiful Farmhouse Sink Designs

Farmhouse sinks, sometimes also called farmer’s sinks, apron sinks, or apron front sinks, are wide and deep basins that originate from the 17th century. Back then, homes didn’t have running water access, so it was important to use the water you had to the fullest. They were the most common in rural areas, and for this reason, they are now called farmhouse sinks. Originally, they appeared in Britain and Ireland, but they spread with time because they were excellent for keeping and conserving water.

Nowadays, farmhouse sinks’ design is one of the most stylish decors for a kitchen. It creates a unique atmosphere, making you think about the good old times. Although it was primarily designed for utility, now it is considered very decorative. Nevertheless, it still keeps all of its practical advantages, being a convenient place to wash your dishes. If you want to find out more about a farmhouse sinks’ design, you should definitely keep on reading!


The Variety of Farmhouse Sinks

As farmhouse sink design is gaining more and more popularity, producers constantly develop those products and come up with different variants. As a result, now everyone can find something that suits both their preferences and the measurements of their kitchen. Here are some of the most common examples!

30-Inch Farmhouse Sink

There is a wide range of 30-inch farmhouse sinks because they seem to fit most kitchens. Even if you don’t have much space, you will be provided with quite a spacious basin to wash your dishes. If your kitchen is relatively big, you can go for a bold apron front that will look really impressive.

Not only the size of this sink is very adaptable, but it also comes in numerous layouts and designs so that you can easily find a model suitable to your kitchen’s image. There are, for instance, models in white, black, brown, or of any other color. If you want your farmhouse sink to be even more original, there are variants with sculpted or fluted fronts. As 30-inch farmhouse sinks are not too big, they are usually not divided into two compartments, so they are excellent for washing large pieces of cookware.

Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

One of the distinctive characteristics of farmhouse sinks, apart from the size, is their structure. The materials that have been used to produce them affect both their appearance and durability to a large extent. For excellent farmhouse sinks’ design, fireclay would be a great choice. It’s a combination of glaze and clay fired in amazingly high temperatures (from 1600 to 2200 degrees). As a result, fireclay gains outstanding durability, and farmhouse sinks made from it are not prone to scratches.

Drop-In Farmhouse Sink

The initial farmhouse sinks’ design was a drop-in construction. Nowadays, it’s still one of the most common ones because it’s relatively easy to be installed. It fits into a hole in the countertop and rests on a rim overlapping it. With this model, you will get the original image of farmhouse sinks as they were used back in the past, which will add to the vintage style of your kitchen.

The Perks of Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks’ design is so well-thought that it combines a lot of advantages. They are associated both with the image of your kitchen and the functional use, so you will be content with this product in every aspect!

Deep Basin

As has been mentioned earlier, a very typical feature of farmhouse sinks’ design is a deep basin. For this reason, you will never have to struggle with washing your large pans and pots anymore. Remember the moments when you have to struggle with putting your big-sized cookware elements at different angles and accidentally splash water all around? Farmhouse sinks are the best products to forget about such an inconvenience!

Support for the Right Posture

Many people tend to bend over the countertop while washing the dishes because they think it will be more comfortable, and it will help them to get all the cookware perfectly clean. In fact, such a position is really harmful to your back! When it comes to farmhouse sinks’ design, it doesn’t include anything to put your elbows on, so your back is less-strained, and you have to keep a better posture.

Amazing Vintage Style

If you love vintage style, installing a farmhouse sink may be one of the best ideas to improve your kitchen. Such a solution provides it with outstanding esthetics and contributes to creating a special atmosphere. Farmhouse sinks’ design originates from a historical construction, and it can bring memories of your grandma’s country cottage, providing the interior with a rustic style. Depending on the material, it can have different looks. Apart from the already mentioned fireclay, popular materials to produce the best farmhouse sinks are also copper, stainless steel, or stone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, farmhouse sinks’ design is both convenient and beautiful. It will certainly impress all your guests, and it will help you achieve the desired style in your kitchen. You may have various ideas for the preferred décor, but as apron sinks can be made of various materials, and have different sizes and shapes, you will certainly find something that suits your needs. It can be a copper or fireclay model if you want it to be of the best standard, but there are also cheaper variants available on the market. Just look for them and see what you can get for your kitchen!



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