Best Stay at Home Business Ideas to Keep You Safe and Your Income Solid Through COVID-19

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Starting a brand-new service business online requires much less risk than investing your dollars into a brick-and-mortar storefront or a costly downtown office. Due to the fact that your business will be based online, you can reach more prospective consumers, work from practically anywhere, and make cash online without large overhead costs and commitments. However, when we think of risk throughout this current age of COVID-19, we think of physically distancing ourselves, and that is exactly what starting an at-home business can do. Distance yourself from customers while still servicing them. This allows you to keep you and your family safe from the threat of COVID-19.

Publishing Content

Websites like and produce compelling material by discovering amusing, psychological, and inspirational stories on Reddit, Facebook, and Imgur. By rewording the content, including some additional information or just publishing the material by themselves, can create a new community. Just to provide you a concept on how effective these kinds of websites are, ViralNova was established by one guy who hired a couple of authors to rewrite successful content that was published on other sites around the web. With a bit of promo on websites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and ultimately organic traffic, within a couple of months, you could be pulling in 30K to 50K unique visits a month. Monetize the site with Google AdSense or other ad networks get some profits to cover the expenses of your hosting and domain name expenses.

Get into Affiliate Marketing

One of the most convenient methods to make a couple of bucks online is affiliate marketing. The slickest part is that you don’t need to establish any products or services yourself, just sell other individual’s products or services. For instance, Amazon affiliates can possibly generate obscene quantities of commission dollars if they work at it. Merely sign up as an affiliate to sell a company’s products using your unique link, and you can get a commission for each product sold without even speaking personally to a customer. Most companies pay 10-20% or more. That amounts to some serious amounts of cash every month if you’re promoting products with that high rate of commission (Home & Garden is one such item area with high commissions). Also, affiliate networks like Shareasale or ClickBank provide a vast array of items to promote as well.

Selling Items Online

There are tons of options for starting an online business, the biggest being selling products online. The most beneficial part of selling stuff online is that you do not need a website as you can sell almost anything on Amazon. The only thing you need is a small sum to get you started and a couple of solid tools to help you out. 

To sell products, certain tools help to make the process easier. Finding the tools that best serve you and the items you want to sell is important. A program to consider if you have no experience with selling items online would be the BookProfits System. This program was created by Jon Shugart and Luke Sample to help the people who have little experience with selling items online be able to jump in, and make big profits relatively quickly through the arbitrage of used books. 

Arbitrage is buying something at a low cost, then selling it at a higher price, and then you personally keep whatever the difference is. The BookProfits program reviews have been astounding. Many people praise the program for its ease of use, and effectiveness at finding you the best deals to make the largest profits margin possible. Buying and selling books online is a great way to stay away from others who may have the virus and make an extra income to help get you through COVID-19. This program is not only great to introduce you to the concept of selling items online but also doing business online. Selling items online is a great online business choice to keep you safe from COVID-19.



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