Luxury iPhone Case: List of the Best Choosing Tips from Labodet Store

A protective cover is a stylish, effective, and, at the same time, affordable item to shield your smartphone from mechanical impact, moisture, dirt, and other troubles. Many people think that cases are old-fashioned and uncomfortable, but they are greatly mistaken about this. A high-quality, designer, and exclusive case can be a great gift for a person.

There are several reasons why you should choose luxury iPhone cases. First of all, it is material. Secondly, it is the uniqueness of design. Genuine leather is the most durable material that does not lose its attractive appearance over a long period of active use. Also, it is worth considering the fact that small abrasions can be rubbed (erased) with the same active use.

These cases provide a high level of protection for your smartphone and a respectable solid look. Due to the properties of leather, such an accessory can amortize hits, which allows maintaining the integrity of the sensor, screen and, many internal parts of the device. It is also a material with a thermoregulatory effect; so, it perfectly tolerates temperature extremes and protects the phone from them, which prevents it from freezing in the cold season. It has an attractive aesthetic appearance that helps to emphasize the originality of nature, a sense of style, and the high status of the owner.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Classic Case Himalayan Crocodile with Carbon Skull iPhone 12 Pro Max Strap Case Coloré Ostrich

Labodet is a workshop located in the heart of France. Parisian vibes influenced the development of original ideas for product models, but you can be sure that nothing influenced the quality of the material. For various cases, as well as wallets and cardholders, the highest quality python, ostrich, calf, and alligator skin is used. You can familiarize yourself with the full selection of offers on the website, where you can also place an order.

When choosing a cover, you should decide which one you prefer: full protection or an open screen. If the safety of the device is more important to you, you should take a closer look at classic products, which can be safely called “old school.” Folio case, thanks to a special design, covers the smartphone on both sides. In the closed p,sition it provides reliable protection for both the back panel and the display. With this type of cover, you will have easy access to side buttons and connectors. Also, in the internal part, there are sections for storing bank cards, driver’s licenses, banknotes, or small items. Another option for complete safety is the Pouch case. This one is particularly reliable and presentable in appearance. Such a mini-purse can hold a few extra bills, and, accompanied by a stylish chain, it will become the final bright accent of your look.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Folio Case Ostrich iPhone 11 Pro Max Pouch Case Alligator

Classic cases are more “open.” They cover the back panel and leave the screen and buttons open. This is quite convenient because you do not have to open or take out your phone to look at the display or turn down the volume. In addition, the interior of these accessories is made of microfiber to prevent the body of the smartphone from rubbing or scratching.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Shiny Alligator Wallet with MagSafe iPhone 12 Pro Classic Case Shiny Alligator

The uniqueness of your accessory can be achieved with the help of the individual choice of the type of leather, namely, the structure and its color. Also, you can choose the type of jewelry on your case depending on which metal you wear most often. If you are a bold person, you can choose the option with a skull ornament. The hand strap can help you take selfies or reply to emails. One or more pockets will hide your cards or a couple of bills when you do not want to carry a bag.



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