The London Location – How To Choose From The Premium Locations Across London

Looking for office space in a place that has been described as one of the most expensive commercial real estate markets in the world can be challenging. As with many urban centers, get too close to the CBD and rents skyrocket. However, modern convenience has made a way for businesses to work in some of London’s most prestigious locations.

Historic London and the financial district both can be a place to work for businesses with even the smallest of budgets. The serviced office provider, for one, makes it easy for businesses to choose from premium coworking locations across London. However, there are factors to consider when looking for a top-notch space.

Keep reading to learn about what to pay attention to when seeking out premium coworking locations.

Space Versus Value

When looking for premium space, consider the cost of services. Good plans can offer you a range of extras, but these perks should work for the fundamental part of managing a business. Yoga is a nice add-on, but having worldwide access to office space can be useful for professionals who spend a lot of time travelling.

Typically, a plan that offers premium services includes the use of workspace that ranges from a hot desk to a private office, access to conference rooms and boardrooms, and a dedicated phone number and office address. Businesses should expect to also get some form office support, whether it is a receptionist that performs clerical duties while receiving clients or other tasks. These are just a few add-ons.

Many serviced offices have a full menu of services as a part of the coworking space. Other perks can include access to offices internationally, and access to a range of meeting room options as a part of their plans. The mode of thought for many coworking spaces is to include add-ons that relate to the work-life balance, but when having to seriously measure your budget with these options, make sure to keep in mind your business’s needs.

Coworking Space’s Accessibility To Business

A coworking space in the CBD will give your business access to resources and people in the area. With plenty of foot and feeder traffic in the area, you are guaranteed to see a lot of people moving through the area. However, a lot of people moving in and about the area is not necessarily going to increase traffic to your business.

A tenet of the search for office space is that your location should be a place where your population naturally exists. If you are a graphic designer, working in one of the posh corporate buildings in East London might not be the best choice for your business. However, West London and other trendy areas might be the right spot for your business. Ultimately, when choosing a coworking space, go where the traffic is, and if you want to take your space up a notch, look for premier spaces in the area.

A Space With A Face

The unique quality regarding coworking is that communities carve out the space’s identity. Every coworking space worth its salt has a culture and voice, and even the most upscale offices, have character. When looking for a space, keep this in mind because you are not just joining a space but becoming a part of a group with a collective professional identity.

Coworking In London’s Premier Locations

An office fit out with the finest furnishings in some of the London’s most well-renowned landmarks is possible. Whether looking in the financial district or historic London, this city’s beautiful landscape can be the backdrop to a workspace that is more than functional but very versatile. More importantly, your business gets the advantage of working in premiums space at an affordable price.



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