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LED Aluminium Channel – Learn How to Use It In Your House

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LED strip lights are becoming more and more popular thanks to their energy-saving properties, ease of use and low maintenance. One of the highly desirable accessories that can elevate LED strips and make them also more aesthetically-appealing is a LED aluminium channel. You must be asking yourself now, how can I use such an accessory in my house? Here is everything you need to know about the LED aluminium channel.


What Are Aluminium Channels For LED Lights?

LED light strips on their own are more of a component rather than a finished lighting product. The LED aluminium channel serves a variety of different functions that help light strip work and look like a modern lighting fixture. It is a straightforward product made out of extruded aluminium, which allows it to be narrow and long. LED aluminium channel is the perfect solution when you are interested in a linear lighting installation for LED strips. It is typically U-shaped with a half-inch wide slot where the strip can be mounted. Aluminium channels are usually sold in packs of a few channels each a meter long. You can also find LED channels sold with a plastic diffuser in a set, and it is there to improve the light distribution of the strip light.

The Benefits of an Aluminium Channel

The LED aluminium channels offer some additional practical benefits that are certainly worth considering.

  • The aesthetic aspect – aluminium channels and the diffuser covers add some style to the naked circuit and emitters of LED strips, they can provide a more polished and professional finish.
  • Protection of the LED strip – LED aluminium channels protect the lights against unexpected impacts, dust and debris, and any interference from children.
  • Easier maintenance – aluminium channels are way easier to clean than the strips without this much-needed accessory.

Does Aluminium Channel Help With Thermal Management?

In recent years, the need for thermal management has been reduced, as cost per diode got lower and the engineers were able to afford better thermal management components to reduce the heat of a LED light. These days, an aluminium channel is not necessary for thermal management. However, it offers a mounting base for the LED strip and the diffuser which offers some benefits in terms of light distribution. It helps more with light distribution rather than thermal management.

How to Install Aluminium Channels in Your House

There are nine steps to successful LED aluminium channel installation, and they are:

  1. Prepare your wires for soldering.
  2. Solder wire to the strip light and test their connection.
  3. Heat-shrink over a connection.
  4. Install closed end cap.
  5. Measure and cut the LED strip light.
  6. Peel the tape and adhere to the strip.
  7. Measure cover for end cap space.
  8. Cut and press the cover.
  9. Wire to power and the installation is completed.

LED aluminium channels are the perfect solution if you want to protect your LED strips and enhance the overall aesthetic value of your lighting solutions. Use them in your house and enjoy an upgraded version of LED strip lights.



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