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Disclosure: “This post was made possible by iConnect and Autotrader.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, however all opinions stated are 100% mine.


This past month my husband and I have been car shopping for a second car since my poor car broke down over a year ago, yes it’s been that long since I had a car!  Car shopping trips can be both exciting and hectic because you come across so many cars that make you say I wish, or those that make you say one day, or those cars that make you say that’s IT…I want that one!

It’s really hard at times shopping for a car but when you’ve found that diamond vehicle that makes you smile when driving off into the sun set, it makes car shopping all day not so bad after all. Most of all its even better when you can read a couple reviews about that vehicle or learn more about if you’re really getting your money’s worth.

The best way to find out about that car is through Autotrader , they have many resources to help you shop wise for a car. Their car shopping guide includes expert tips including: how to smartly navigate the car-shopping process and how to negotiate the deal; everything you need to know when shopping for a used or certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle; and ways you can get new car smart if you’re searching for a brand-new ride.


Just the other day me and my girlfriend had lunch and afterwards we went car shopping for her older daughter. She will be headed back to college soon and Linda wanted to invest in a nice, reliable car for Alissa. Might I say we had a great time looking and while we were out I begin to look again for myself? I ask Linda, why she didn’t take Joe with her and of course she mentioned it would be more fun with us hanging out first doing lunch then doing something that only a girlfriend would really understand, shopping!!  LOL. Everyone knows when us women get together to shop, we can do that all day and find the best bargains too.

Well, car shopping is the same way except Autotrader and Keep Blue Book has now become our newest girlfriend, with all the resources they both have available for purchasing a new or used vehicle you can’t help but make a smart decision before purchasing.

Both offer so many tips before buying that car like:


  1. Finding the best at for you
  2. Which vehicle has best price for your budget
  3. Check the Car’s Repair Record
  4. Get an Inspection From a Mechanic
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away
  6. Don’t Talk Payment
  7. Make a Counter-Offer
  8. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


So you see Autotrader and Kelly Blue Book are the most visited car shopping and informational websites that will become your #GFGuideToCarShopping.


Visit Autotrader today to see how you can save and get the best vehicle for you or your family. You can also keep up with Autotrader via Facebook | Twitter | ​




Disclosure: “This post was made possible by iConnect and Autotrader.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, however all opinions stated are 100% mine.






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