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I don’t know about your children but, when a new toy trend hits the market you better believe my kid’s are all over those toys. But, this one toy Kuroba must have slipped right threw my kids eyes because we all just found out about the Kuroba collection just this week.

So, what are the Kuroba Battle Packs? Well, they are a collectible creatures with a Battle Twist!

This fun set is perfect for keeping your young children and their friends entertained. It comes with two transforming creatures, gems and mix and match panels for your young one can to create a figure like no other. It’s a great way to promote interactive play along with strategy and concept building.

Kids can challenge their friends to a game of  Rock, Paper, Scissors! Create a unique Kuroba with mix & match panels and face off with other Kuroba Keepers. Whoever Kuroba wins will capture their opponent to reveal a unique Kuroba action!

Each set includes a collectible Inapinch character cube, Inapinch collectible gem, and a Kuroba Practice Cube. Sit back and watch your kids build their Kuroba’s and head into battle!

You mess with this lobster, you get the claws! A Water Kuro, these creatures have some of the mightiest snapping claws the Kuroba World has ever seen. Inapinch can also unleash a torrent of starfish at their opponents from a distance to slice to pieces anything that gets in their way!  In battle their snapping claws expand and can cut any opponent in two. They can shoot an endless amount of stars from their body – when they do, the stars glow and then spin creating a beautiful effect. Choose your strategy and go head to head with other Kuroba Keepers

These would make great Christmas stocking gifts for the kids. They’re cute, fit right in the palm of your child’s hand and are small. Each one has a face, little panels on the sides that your kids can switch out for decoration. There is a little tab inside each one where you can choose rock, paper, or scissors, then the two cubes battle off, when you push them towards each other and they touch, the winner snaps closed over the other one “catching it”…….pretty cool ha!

Kids will be fascinated as to how the Kuroba cubes work, made of plastic parts no need to worry about them breaking the Kuroba’s!

Kuroba Training Pack

  • The Kuroba Training Pack lets girls practice their Kuroba battle skills.                                                                                                                                               
  • The pack includes 1 transforming creature, 1 practice cube and 1 creature gem.
  • To perfect their skills, girls simply follow these steps:
    • Select battle mode — Remove the face plate on the Kuroba creature and move the tab to select Rock, Paper or Scissors. Then snap the face plate back into place.
    • Fold up the Kuroba and lock into place for battle. Place the Kuroba creature and the pratice cube on a table with  the “K” logo facing up on each cube.
    • Slide the two cubes towards each other and watch as the winning Kuroba pops open and captures the practice cube inside.
  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • Kuroba Battle Pack
    • With the Kuroba Battle Pack, girls can bring their Kuroba head-to-head by sliding them towards each other in battle and seeing which Kuroba creature is the winner!
    • To play, girls just follow these steps:
      • Select battle mode — Remove the face plate on each Kuroba creature and move the tab to select Rock, Paper or Scissors. Then snap the face plate back into place.
      • Fold up the Kuroba and lock into place for battle. Then place the Battle Kuroba cubes on a table with the “K” logo facing up.
      • Slide the two Battle Kurobas toward each other and see who wins!
    • The pack includes 2 transforming creatures, 2 creature gems and 3 extra panels for mix & match play.         
    • Girls can mix and match their Kuroba panels to create thousands of Kuroba combinations.
    • Each Kuroba comes with a matching gem to collect and trade with friends, and to keep track of who has won the most matches.                                                                                               
    • Recommended Age: 6+
    • Availability: Currently available at Target and Amazon and will be available at Walmart starting in October 2018
    • MSRP: $16.99 each

You can find the Kuroba Training Pack & Kuroba Battle Pack in Target, Walmart and Amazon!



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